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Lone Wolf8634
08-19-2008, 01:49
I did a search here and discovered that there's a sad lack of pictures of Schipperkes. One of my personel favorite breed's.

So without further ado I would like you to meet Kolo (L) and Jett (R).

They are brothers from the same litter. Going on two years old. Two of the most loveable kids you'll ever meet.

Kolo is named after a character in Terry Goodkinds series "The Sword Of Truth". Koloblican: Wise advisor. Also worked out well for his AKC name "Coal Black Diamond".

Kolo at a couple of months old.

Jett was just because I thought it went well with "Black Diamond".

Jett on the same day.

These lil guys helped me get over the loss of thier "Uncle".

"Captain" Schipperke (skip-er-key) means "Little Captain" in Flemish. Or so I've been told.

Captain rode in a 18 wheeler with me for the better part of 14 years. Constant and only companion for months at a time.

One day in southern Luisianna he had a grand maul seziure. his Li'l heart couldnt take it and he was gone before I could get to a vet. I never even knew he had epilepsy. I bawled for a week..its been 2 1/2 years and typing this my allergies still bother me.

I swore I'd never put another dog on the truck with me.....too hard to lose them. That lasted about 4 months.

One last baby pic.

08-19-2008, 15:33
You put a smile on my face with those pics. I grew up with a Schipperke. Had her for 13 yrs when I was a child. She was the best most protective house dog you could ask for. Great little dog. Her name was betty booper. Excellent breed!

Lone Wolf8634
08-19-2008, 22:41
:thumbsup: They are great little dogs!!

08-20-2008, 11:22
I wonder if your skippies do this. Betty would stalk rabbits and birds like a cat. I wonder if its a breed thing>

Lone Wolf8634
08-20-2008, 15:27
I wonder if your skippies do this. Betty would stalk rabbits and birds like a cat. I wonder if its a breed thing>

My first Schip would stalk and kill almost anything. Captain had quite the "hit" list of small animals that he nailed. Several lizards, 2 squirrels, 1 bull snake and countless toads and frogs. He ran down a large jackrabbit once (Brer Rabbit zigged when he should have zagged). Fortunately the rabbit outwieghed him and he wasnt able to kill it before I got to him and made him let it go. He tried to attack 2 rattlesnake's but luckily I had a leash on him both times and was able to bring him up short.

Both my new pups have shown no inclination towards hunting behaviour's or shown any interest in killing small animals. All they're interested in is play!!

The Schipperke breed was originally bred as a hunter of rodents, so the stalking behaviour isnt surprising. I think the instinct has been bred out of Kolo and Jett as they come from a long line of show dogs.

08-20-2008, 20:22
They are adorable! Love the matched pair.

Lone Wolf8634
08-20-2008, 23:54
They are adorable! Love the matched pair.

Thanks, Got 2 so they would always have someone to play with. Thier inseparable now. They make the most heartbreaking noises you can imagine if they cant find one another.