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Big Dog Dad
08-23-2008, 10:48
I'm sure this has been covered earlier, but I would like solutions with this months advances in technologies (if there are any!) I have a lot of VHS tapes from my daughter's childhood that I would like to convert to a digital format and I need suggestions on the best method and what is the best software to edit the digital file to remove dead space time, etc. I do not have a digital camcorder, but if that is the best method, I'll get one eventually. Thanks in advance!!


Colonel Klink
08-23-2008, 11:21
How about direct conversion? One of these:

08-23-2008, 11:50
You can buy a DVR ($150 / $275 -- with/without hard disc). These work like a VCR with programability, and a tv tuner. Make sure you choose one with a digital tuner (remember what happens on Feb 17?). Everything i've read is to avoid the combination VHS/DVR machines.

If you are talking about a commercial movie on VHS, you will need also one of these type of things... essential.

I have one of the model 100s here -- don't have experience with model 200:

Check this:!-digital-video-enhancer&PIN=65655&GUID=28321616-8DA0-4123-9EB3-D167A1291A12&BC=S&DL=SEH1

Also, read this...

Would someone please look at my question here on MSWord2007? Thanks.