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Scottsdale Thug
08-24-2008, 00:28
I was recently out and about running errands. While out I remembered I needed to renew a book while looking for another so I stopped by a Scottsdale Public Library (Mustang) . Since I did not plan to stop by the library, I had my firearm with me. When I arrived I called the number for Scottsdale PD as per the "No Deadly Weapons in Building" sign.

It was kind of late so I think it went directly to communications and when the dispatcher answered I told her where I was and why I was calling. She asked me to hold and when she came back on the line she confirmed which library I was at and then told me that I was to just leave it in my car. I explained to her that I would rather not leave a gun in my car unattended and inquired as to any other options.

She asked me to hold one more time and when she came back, she told me again that I should just leave it in my car. I then asked her if there were lockers or anything because I thought the law said there should be temporary, secure storage while I was there. She said that I could not check it at the desk as the library staff would not be responsible for it and that if I wanted her to, she could dispatch an officer to confiscate my weapon but that it would not be a short-term confiscation while I was inside.

At that point I was hot, tired, and just wanted to finish my errands so I thanked her for her help and told her that an officer would not be necessary. I went back to my truck and hid my gun, then continued as planned

Sooo . . . what's the deal?

Has anyone had an experience like this and are there any "public" places that have lockers like the law says? Do I understand the law correctly??

08-24-2008, 02:14
You didn't say if you talked to the library people, or not. The statute clearly states they must provide storage for your weapon, if they do not allow them inside. However, they are not responsible for the weapon while stored there. Some will not put the boxes right at the front door. They might have them in a slightly more secure area (like behind the counter, inside someone's office, etc.). You might have to ask them for the storage area.

13-3102.01. Storage of deadly weapons; definitions

A. If an operator of a public establishment or a sponsor of a public event requests that a person carrying a deadly weapon remove the weapon, the operator or sponsor shall provide temporary and secure storage. The storage shall be readily accessible on entry into the establishment or event and allow for the immediate retrieval of the weapon on exit from the establishment or event.

B. This section does not apply to the licensed premises of any public establishment or public event with a license issued pursuant to title 4.

C. The operator of the establishment or the sponsor of the event or the employee of the operator or sponsor or the agent of the sponsor, including a public entity or public employee, is not liable for acts or omissions pursuant to this section unless the operator, sponsor, employee or agent intended to cause injury or was grossly negligent.

D. For the purposes of this section, "public establishment" and "public event" have the same meanings prescribed in section 13-3102.

Scottsdale Thug
08-24-2008, 16:05
Ox, thanks for the response.

I figured that since the sign instructed me to call the police they would know where or how to store it once I got there.

I was afraid to step foot in the building and once I was told by the PD that there was no storage I gave up and didn't even think to ask.

I just called the library and apparently they don't have anyone available to answer the phone/questions on Sunday so I'll try again tomorrow and let you all know what I hear.

Thanks again

08-24-2008, 16:39
It remains another area of government shuck and jive. Laws are for the little people.

Scottsdale Thug
08-25-2008, 13:34
I just got off the phone with the library. I was told that all of the other libraries do have lockers but Mustang is under construction and they "ripped out" the area where the lockers were.

So, no storage until they get around to finishing the construction.

08-31-2008, 13:31
Check to see if they are in violaton of the law. I don't go to libraries or other government buildings often. I know the Glendale court in downtown Glendale has lockers, at least as of the end of September. I left my gun and all in the truck, but I forgot that I had a cuff key on my key ring and they put it in a locker for me.