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The Rampage
08-26-2008, 06:27
And all in all, I'm a relatively happy camper. I ended up going for the Orient Star Classic in white, with the power reserve indicator. Retail was $470, wholesale $330, with my discounts came out to about $300.

As far as specs go, here's what I know so far: 39mm/12mm, NON-screw-in-crown, 100m WR, Sapphire front and back (display back), automatic with power reserve indicator, 40h power reserve, non-hacking/non-windable.

Here she is...

A closer look at the face...

And here's the backside. One of the main selling points, obviously, was the sapphire display back and actual "made in Japan," which my other Orients lack (as they're assembled in China).

And speaking of "other Orients," here's the Orient family...all three of'em.

As I said, I'm just "happy" with the new one. I'm not THRILLED, like I often am with my newest watches. One reason for that is I generally go for sport-type/diver watches, and buy these dressier watches just out of necessity--I needed a white-faced dress watch, and now I have one.

To be perfectly honest, my all-out favorite Orient and watch that gets more wrist-time than ANY of the ten pieces I own Blue Mako. Considering it was a third of the price of my Classic and I've had it for almost a year already, and I still get turned-on when I look at it, I consider it likely the best watch buy I've made yet.

Until I get my Omega SMP, that is.

Now the only problem is what to get NEXT? I'm gonna lay off the jap market for a bit and explore my options, but truth be told, it took me an hour the other day while standing in front of my Orient-to-be to talk myself out of buying that EPOS Swiss Rolex-knockoff diver that I'd mentioned before.

There's just something about BIG, FLASHY Diver watches that gets me all hot and bothered...and I don't even like Rolexes, either. It's either this baby, or one of those massive Victorinox Divers (and I don't like them because they're quartz).

Best of all, my recent purchase has brought my "gold point" total up to nearly 10k at my local watch dealer, so that basically means I get a hundred bucks off my next watch.

SO, next pay day, all bets are off.

Gots me another decision to make!


08-26-2008, 19:50
Nice choice.