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08-26-2008, 12:09
Tech support guy at work told me too many temp files and cookies on my PC are slowing it down. Yeah, I surf around a bit. He said he took off 6000 files last week, but I came in and found another 6000, spent a couple hours getting rid of them. They're mostly in IE content subfolders. Some won't delete, or I can do only one or a group at a time.

Anyway I came in Monday and they're all back..some from 2006 and I know I've cleaned them out. Deleted what I could and they still came back. Yes I emptied the recycle bin.

What causes this? Right now I'm stuck with a lot of really long files with lots of punctuation, apparently articles from Slate which I read if the headline on the MSN page grabs me. They will NOT move now.

Is this a virus or something? Etrust didn't find anything.

I can't believe how much downloaded crap shows up after 5 minutes of Internet use.

08-26-2008, 16:02
Try deleting them in safe mode.

Go Sharks
08-26-2008, 16:47
Try using something called CCleaner http://www.ccleaner.com/

Its pretty easy to use and helps a lot. If you need help with it though my email is postmaster@thesalamonfamily.net

08-26-2008, 17:04
What version of Windows? The best cleaner is Advanced Windows Care. The lightweight version of Ccleaner Slim is a good one to have also. Advanced Windows Care has updates so before running a scan do a check for updates and download the updates.

Advanced Windows Care


Ccleaner Slim (uncheck the optional Yahoo tool bar when installing)


Go Sharks
08-26-2008, 17:13
I agree with you Washington DC

08-26-2008, 17:35
Great thanks.

At work I have Windows 2000 pro, and at least I can find the temp files and user settings there. On my laptop I have that stupid XP home ed, and I can't find anything. My regular PC was supposed to have XP Pro, paid extra for it, but it's just as bad.

I'll try those utilities.