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08-26-2008, 18:07
Ladies, currently my better half carries in one of two Coronado purse holsters. However, for the colder months (when she's going to wear a coat anyway) I'd like to get her an IWB/OWB (preferably IWB...I LOVE Sidearmor!).

The one snag is that she never wears jeans. Hates them for the most part.

I'm curious what other attire lets you carry a waist holster? Do skirts hold holsters well? Paddles?

Any thoughts would be appreciated! :)



Lynn D
08-29-2008, 00:08
There are a lot of folks with a lot of opinions on what kind of pants, and what size they should be for carry. I'll share my experience.

I have carried in jeans, cargos (from Gander), Dockers, and skirts. I carry IWB. It works as along as there is an actual waist band (with or without belt). It also depends on the "stiffness" of the fabric, i.e. denim is stiffer than most khakis. I've carried in both denim skirt and "dressy" skirt .... all without issue.

Your other half may need to consider how she likes to wear her pants....low on the hip or higher up when deciding how to carry. I have one "lower cut" pair of jeans and I constantly feel like I'm printing when I wear them.

Some folks advocate for "1 size up" if carrying experience has been that I've not had to do that. However, if she's going to carry paddle, the pants will probably need a belt.

I have a Bianchi IWB that I use when I carry with pants/belt. I also have a soft sided Uncle Mike's that I use when I'm wearing pants without a belt (the clip seems to fit more snugly).

I wish you both much luck! :)