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08-30-2008, 00:40
The Large Format Photographic Process.
(In 66 easy steps)

1. Wake at 3:00 AM.
2. Load 100 Lbs of gear into truck.
3. Go to 7-11, get coffee.
4. Curse.
5. Return home, get film off of kitchen table.
6. Curse for late start.
7. Drive to location.
8. Park truck, step out into cactus.
9. Move truck.
10. Get out, stumble in the twilight looking for marker you left last time.
11. Step in wet cow pie.
12. Wipe off cow pie.
13. Find marker.
14. Get tripod out of truck.
15. Set tripod.
16. Return to truck for camera.
17. Place camera back in truck.
18. Get wrench out of toolbox.
19. Pick collapsed tripod up off ground, tighten leg tension screw.
20. Reset tripod.
21. Get camera out of truck.
22. Mount camera on tripod.
23. Open camera.
24. Mount lens.
25. Get dark cloth and loupe.
26. Try to compose image.
27. Remove lens, remove rear lens cap.
28. Mount lens.
29. Open lens.
30. Compose and focus.
31. Apply front tilt and re-focus.
32. Insert film holder.
33. Take meter reading.
34. Try to set f-stop and shutter speed, find lens pointing at ground.
35. Remove film holder.
36. Pull front standard back and lock this time.
37. Re-focus.
38. Insert film holder.
39. Set shutter speed and f-stop.
40. Cock shutter.
41. Remove dark slide.
42. Try to trip shutter.
43. Remove film holder, throw away film, insert dark slide.
44. Close lens.
45. Insert film holder.
46. Check lens, test shutter.
47. Cock shutter.
48. Remove dark slide.
49. Trip shutter.
50. Remove film holder.
51. Throw away film, replace dark slide.
52. Return to truck.
53. Find second film holder.
54. Go back to camera.
55. Make exposure.
56. Remove rear darkslide when removing film holder.
57. Return darkslide.
58. Lock darkslides.
59. Remove film holder.
60. Walk back to truck.
61. Place film holders in film bag.
62. Remember you replaced darkslides white side out.
63. Realize you didnít mark film holders and donít know which ones you just used.
64. Go to cooler.
65. Open beer.
66. Take up watercolors.

08-30-2008, 19:59
Rough day, eh?

08-31-2008, 00:17
66. Take up watercolors.
Yep, very true. Still, I miss tilt and shift. Oh, and I miss the air-bulb shutter release. :rofl:

08-31-2008, 10:58
Packard shutters are great.

08-31-2008, 13:30
With a day like that it appears that step 65 should be moved up about 62 spots. Or better yet, just jump right to something stronger like a 5th of Bacardi Razz.


T. Harless
08-31-2008, 13:42
That's always been my experience with a view camera. Except I insert the beer step to about #8. I miss them as much as indicator stop bath.