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08-31-2008, 22:38
So, I haven't been able to drag my rifles out of the closet for a while. I used to shoot at the Provo range, but for a variety of reasons, been doing most of my shooting at Orem Rec Center's indoor range for the last couple of years. Now that I bought a house in Springville, I went looking for a range nearby.

On my way back from a fishing trip to Hobble Creek, I saw a sign for the Hobble Creek Gun Club. When I got home, I was -- finally -- able to get some contact info, and spoke to a nice lady named Donna who informed me the annual membership fee was $5. Really, I have nothing to lose (well, other than five bucks) other than the five minutes it takes me to drive down there.

I'm wondering, do any of you have any experience at this range? At some of the ranges I've shot at in Cali (and, to some extent, Utah), folks who bring Evil Black Rifles or plastic pistols get dirty looks from other shooters. I'd like to ensure that this is not such a place, as well as gather any wisdom you guys might have to offer.

09-06-2008, 19:40
Well, I made it out to the range today.
Overall, I was really impressed, especially given the $8/couple annual membership fee. They've got several ranges, and the ROs are friendly and competent.

People on the line were shooting everything from ARs to SKSs to muzzleloaders. I brought my wife, who has only been shooting twice (she grew up in Illinois right outside Chicago). The lady who owns the range was kind enough to give her a few pointers on pistol shooting--something I'm pretty awful at teaching.

Somebody asked me why I still had my Glock 10mm if I owned a Sig P220 (the two were sitting side-by-side on my bench). I told him the Sig had only cost me $350 at Van Wagenen's after I'd talked Norm down a bit, at which point he said "Wow! You should have gone to Vegas and played something, cause the odds were definitely in your favor that day!" I had to laugh. Much as I enjoy Norm's prices, it's unbelievable how infamous the guy is up and down the Wasatch front.

09-07-2008, 01:11
I'll have to try Hobble Creek out sometime. I am in Lehi so it's quite a drive but I have friends who shoot down there. That's funny that you talk about Norm. I'm in there all the time getting ammo and 2 Glocks in the last 2 months. (about 6 in the last 15 years) I think he's going to get out of the gun business so enjoy him while he's here.

09-28-2008, 08:54
WHere at up Hobble Creek is the range, like as in relationship to the golf course?

09-28-2008, 19:03
WHere at up Hobble Creek is the range, like as in relationship to the golf course?

You take 4th South east towards the golf course (I think it turns into Canyon Road). You turn right onto the dam at the edge of the reservoir, and the range is on the other side.