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09-07-2008, 11:14
Within 24 hours, I had the following happen to me on my Vista laptop:

When I plugged my cell phone charger into my USB port, it said something like "In order to get better speeds, plug this device into usb 2.0" and popped up a window for me to pick which one would be better, LOL.

One anti virus stopped needed updating, I installed another, it loaded, then it stopped doing ANYTHING.

My network icon showed an X, even though I was still connected to my wireless router and surfing the internet. I thought resetting it would fix that, but all that did was make the X be accurate.

When I tried to open Connect To, it made Windows Explorer lag and it wouldn't open, causing a reset at least 1/3 of the time.

I said to heck with all that, I backed up some folders that I'd put new stuff in since I'd put in a new HD a few months ago, backed up my FireFox bookmarks, and popped in the factory dvd.

Once I got back on Vista, I tried putting my drivers on. My wireless driver, and my bluetooth drivers (being as my only mouse is bluetooth) would cause Explorer to hard crash, causing a reset.

And my wireless drivers, didn't want to do anything either. I plugged directly into the router, and used the finger mouse to go to the manufacture's website and get uncorrupted drivers, everything was fine.

I was so worried that I had hardware issues, turns out it was just software and a slightly scratched drivers dvd. I also had issues putting pictures and things back on, come to find out it was just one of the many folders on my back up dvd, so I guess those (unimportant) files are lost.

A day later, all of my data is reloaded, I have an anti virus running that is doing fine, and my bluetooth and wireless are working like a charm. USB ports are acting normal now too.

I think the problem was, I had Avast! and the subscription ran out, I didn't know how/want to deal with the updating, so I put another one on and uninstalled Avast! I think sometime during all of that, and when the 2nd anti virus stopped working (which was probably a stand alone issue) I got hit with something nasty.