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09-11-2008, 20:53
Monday I bought in Lenoir City, TN and I paid $3.66 a gallon and their were no lines. Tonight I had two people call me about the area running out of gas. I went out for dinner and yes, gas is now $3.89 a gallon and cars lined up ten deep at every pump.

Has there never been a hurricane before?
It makes me ill..................

09-12-2008, 14:10

09-12-2008, 23:28
It went up $1.00 a gallon in 24 hours!
Cars aren't lined up so much now at $4.50 a gallon.
I do see a lot of bags over pump handles except near the interstate.


09-20-2008, 21:17
gas is scarce in the Nashville area.

09-21-2008, 18:56
The newest scam seems to work like this. Their sign shows a really OK price (3.29, 3.39, etc) for regular but when you pull in, they are out of regular but they have plenty of mid and high grade which of course are much higher. I found four BP stations doing this yesterday.

10-01-2008, 08:46
same scenario in Johnson City and the surrounding areas. These gas stations are price gouging and there is NO question abou tit.

Bill Lumberg
10-03-2008, 11:55
Next time it happens I'm going to document the evolution of the rumor and hysteria, and resulting self-induced shortage. Wives started calling husbands with rumors they heard about gas shortages and price spikes. There were none, at that point, it was all rumor. The rumors spun for a little over a week before those foolish enough to believe them really began running to fill up, fill gas cans, fill storage containers. This led to a select few stations running out before their next scheduled delivery time. Once that happened, the next wave came- small to medium businesses with fleet vehicles saw that there was a possible supply problem and began topping off their fleets and having them run close to full. This ran a few more stations out before their normal scheduled delivery, which caused further panic and lines at the surviving stations, untill it all snowballed into almost no stations having gas, and those that did having gulf-coast style lines. In the absence of any real supply problem, normal business was turned into a very real problem by folks passing on rumors. Quite a study in human psychology. Makes you think about what can happen if rumors of avian flu or something more serious circulated the same way. Makes you want to keep some ammo handy.

10-04-2008, 20:19
The previous poster nailed it exactly!

The night it begain where I live, I was at the grocery store and got calls from two different friends about a "rumored" shortage. I hadn't noticed but on the way home I looked and every station had a long line. I got home to find messages on the answering machine from two neighbors and a relative about the same thing. One of the calls from a neighbor was an elderly lady that was worried about being able to get to the doctor.

From small things do calamaties come....
(I can't remember who said that)

01-04-2009, 15:09
When all of this supposed gas shortages were taking place, I really needed gas because I was running on fumes. I pulled into the grocery/gas station where I normally get gas. They had a piece of paper covering the low grade stating they were out. I pushed the low button grade anyway and pumped about 21 gallons to fill my truck up. I saved some money and felt like I was sticking it to the "man". I wonder how many other places do this for whatever reason???? So the next time they say they are out, question it and see for yourself. I did and saved a little bit in the process.