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09-14-2008, 17:02
Long story short, 1966ish I filed a claim for DISABILITY with the VA, and have finally got the VA to say ôSERVICE CONNECTED by ZERO Percent. Now they have LOST ALL RECORDS for over two years. What do i do next, as 15 letter the the AMC, BVA, etc., and Secretary of the Department of Veterans affair have accomplish nothing but FORM LETTER FROM THE VA.

09-20-2008, 09:59

Have you tried a small thermonuclear device?:upeyes:

Dealing with the VA is like beating a dead horse.:deadhorse:

Or banging your head on a brick wall.:brickwall:

Here's the rules for dealing with the VA............

1.) Never and I mean never trust the VA.

2.) Get a breifcase and keep everything from the VA.

3.) Do your homework and study the CFR that deals with the VA.
Here's a couple of links .........

or this one.........

Study, study, and study. You are the only one on your side.

Also, go to this forum........

It's a forum about dealing with the VA and filing claims.

4.) Get a Veterans Service Officer (VSO). I use the Ar. Dept. of Vet Affairs myself. They are located in the same building as the Regional Office (VARO). My VSO is a state employee and his job is to help Vets.

5.) See Rule #1.

6.) Never and I mean never give up. That is what they want you to do.

Go to the Veterans Benefits Network's forum and start doing some research. It's the best source of info on the net for dealing w/ the VA. I use the same name there as I use here, stengun.

If you have any more questions, ask away.

Oh, yea......With a 0% service connected, the VA would have giving you a rating letter. Mine are all blue (yes, I have several). Surely you kept this in some of your paperwork some where.

0% SC. I bet this is for a hearing loss. I have 0% for hearing loss and most vets that have filed a claim have this. Ears and knees. Unless you were a paper pusher (nothing wrong with being a paper pusher, it's a very important job too!) you probably hurt your knees and damaged your hearing. It's just part of being in the military and the VA doesn't want to compensate you for it.


09-21-2008, 08:53
That for your Wonderful Reply.

09-29-2008, 22:11
Get help now!

Contact your County's Veterans Service Office, or someone from Disabled American Veterans (DAV) or American Legion.

If you go it alone you'll waste a lot of time.

There's a lot of "VA bashing" because a decision doesn't go someone's way, or it takes so long to get a decision. VA decisions are based on evidence so I encourage you to work in that direction, being both persistent and patient.

Veterans Affairs has done a lot to make my life better, in spite of what my trip to Nam did to me. There's no other nation on this planet that would care for me as well as America has some 38 years after the event.

Hang in there.

10-19-2008, 16:24
Ditto on both respondants. Took over a year to get a determination. Get a Service Rep and take a can of coffee with you!

Much Luck!