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09-21-2008, 17:36
Is there a limit to how many guns you may have on your NV CCW. I have a couple guns on mine that I no longer own and have purchased a couple guns in the last year or so that I would like the option to carry if I chose to. The back of my Permit is a bit "full". If I wanted to add two guns, could they remove the two I no longer own? Will they give me a page 2:rofl:? I usually stick to the same 2 to 3 guns that I carry, but I had added ones in the past so I could "try em out" and see if I preferred them for carry. I'm starting to think the gun specific rule is a little dumb, but for the time being it is what we have to deal with.

09-21-2008, 23:52
There is no limit. Even though they may not all fit on the back of your permit, they will show up in the NCJIS query when the police check your permit. I've heard from gun store workers (consider your source....) that they've seen people with a second permit listing additional guns, but never bothered to ask metro about it. Try calling them to ask. 828-3996

ETA...I'm waiting for a BDR to be submitted to remove the listing requirement so I can start burning up my senator/assemblyman's email addresses. When I find one watch the BDR thread I've started in this forum. Or if you're on good terms with your elected officials, asking them to submit such a BDR might not be a bad idea.