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09-21-2008, 19:23

I need a new toner cartridge for my Apple LaserWriter 16/600. Fortunately it uses the same toner cartridges as the ubiquitous HP LaserJet 4/4m.

The problem (you guessed it) is that the dang toner cartridges from HP are about $100! Crikey, I could buy a new printer for a bit more.

Does anyone have any experience using those 3rd party, generic, "compatible" toner cartridges from any number of vendors? Do they work ok? Any noticeable differences?


Sgt. Schultz
09-22-2008, 08:22
The problem (you guessed it) is that the dang toner cartridges from HP are about $100! Crikey, I could buy a new printer for a bit more That may be true but the cartridges that come with printers never last as long as ones you buy to replace them.

I have a couple of client's that use generic toner cartridges in HP printers, but only in printers that are no longer under warranty. I believe that they use the Staples brand and they have never complained about them.

The Pontificator
09-22-2008, 10:52
I've used the generic Staples brand in a deskjet printer with no issues. However, the savings difference is so small I just stick with the HP brand.

09-22-2008, 11:02
That toner cart contains the photodrum as well as the toner. Getting a refill/reman is risky but if you are not printing prepress stuff a few dots won't matter.


09-22-2008, 17:58
I work for a copier dealership and from what I have seen with aftermarket toner there is absolutely no freaking way I would ever use the stuff in my printer. Keep in mind that the $100 cartridge includes most of the guts that develops your prints and I believe the yield on it is like 30,000 prints. I've yet to see a $100 inkjet that's capable of printing anywhere near that over it's life cycle.

Admittedly I've never used it in hp printers, but I have seen it used in many other brands of machines and can attest to the common denominators in their performance. The prints look worse, toner scatters more readily inside the machine, and yields are substantially reduced. Other then that, they're great. :rofl:

Sgt. Schultz
09-22-2008, 18:29
My last company used Staples brand inkjet cartridges for Epson, Cannon and HP inkjet printers and no one in the facility ever complained about the print quality. We user HP brand toner cartridges in all of our laser printers mainly because when we ordered replacements it was for multiple facilities (thru out the US) and the prices were lower than generic cartridges.

That said Ö according to many printer manufactures (what else would they say) refilled toner cartridges are the leading cause of printer damage in the world. Refilled toner cartridges can damage a printerís fuser unit or leak during printing, causing extensive damage to the printer.

09-22-2008, 18:49
If you are interested... let me know...

I am not trying to start a thread for selling, but I may be able to help since I have something you might be interested in that I no longer need... Recently upgraded after 5+ years... I kept the unopened toners...

I only kept them because I was hoping that somebody may need them and that I could help...
Plus, I did not want to throw away perfectly good cartridges...

I have two new unopened Verbatim Cartridges (Part number 90890)...
I have personally used them in HP Laserjet 4Plus printers with no issues...

The box says it is for the HP Laserjet 4, 4Plus, 4M, 4M Plus, 5, 5M and 5N...
Also a replacement for the Canon EP-E

Replaces HP 92298A

See the following for additional compatibility...

The site says that these cartridges should work for your printer also...
Verbatim is probably better known for its Media (Blank CDs, DVDs and floppies)...
Let me know...

09-23-2008, 01:40
Off topic, slightly, but I use generic ink for my photo printer and it's alright.

Figure 6 Canon cartridges cost me about $8 to $15 a piece. Whereas I can get 6 generic cartridges for about $15. The ink isn't as good I admit, but it's close enough. Based on my eyes and reviews/tests done comparing the two. And it won't last as long, but if need be I'll reprint it.

The main complaint is by being generic it will cause your printer to wear out sooner. How true this is is up in the air, but the way I see it. I've heard that generic inks cause more clogging, I haven't had to deal with that yet. And heck, Epson printers are known to have clogging issues just using their own inks. I can more than make up the difference buying generic than I could buying the brand name stuff.

However this is in a home printer setting. I may feel different if this were a business printer or something.