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09-30-2008, 12:02
Hello all,

With the introduction and popularity of our drop-in tail cap and lamp kits, we've had an enormous response from folks who did not need a strobe and/or a programmable tail cap and just had a need for our high output 256 lumen lamp assembly. We actually had such a high demand from some Mil and LE units for the stand-alone lamps, we've caught up on production from our brave men and women in harms way, and these are now available to the commercial market!!

Just to recap for some folks not familiar with our original lamp assembly that went with our tailcaps, here is the link; DROP-IN KIT (

Most of the drop-ins out on the market are of 2 types: tightly focused "thrower" or wide angle "wall of light". While both of them have their specific uses, neither addresses a general or tactical application. Our Cree Q5 LED Drop-in lamps represent a perfect compromise between distance capabilities of a bright hot spot and usable amount of light provided by generous side-spill. With a 2-Hour continuous run-time, we can think of no other drop-in lamp to really see in the shadows of indoor and outdoor environments. Also please be assured our lamps fit perfectly with the surefire lamp covers and allow them to screw all the way down with no gaps.

Lamp: Cree Q5
Voltage: 4-15V
Output: 256 lumen
Runtime: 2+ hours
1 year warranty

For Suefire models: G2, G2L, G2Z, G3, 6P, 6PD, 9P, Z2, , C2, C3, and M2

PRICE: $44.99 (Plus Shipping)

We also thought since the normal inexpensive G2 Surefire lights with our drop-in lamp has now become a TRUE all-around fighting light, we are offering special combo packages for the Surefire G2 and 6P Standard with our lamps. The G2L with it's metal head will dissipate heat much better if you plan to use the lamp for extended ON duration times.

G2 Nitrolon PRICE: $78.00 (Plus Shipping)
G2L (Aluminum Head) PRICE: $109.00 (Plus Shipping)
6P Standard PRICE: $100.00 (Plus Shipping)

These are now up on our web site for immediate ordering!

Thanks all,


09-30-2008, 13:35
Something new on my wish list.

10-20-2008, 20:04
We were out in the high Sierra's last week where it's REAL DARK at 11K feet! I'm always amazed how BRIGHT these lamps really are versus most urban areas we work in. Amazingly bright.