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07-31-2002, 14:11
I understand some of the pros and cons of each but was wondering what other peoples opinions were. My draw length is 30.5" and I'll probably be pulling about 70lbs.

07-31-2002, 17:01
Hokie3, I just swiched to carbon arrows last year, and I'm not going back. They tolerate more abuse than my aluminum arrows did, and they shoot alot faster and flatter. Of coarse the down side is the cost, but the increase in preformance is more than worth it.


08-01-2002, 09:17
I've been bow hunting for over 20 years. I used aluminum arrows for a long time... then I tried some carbons. They were much faster, but much less forgiving of any flaws in bow tuning, shooting form, etc. When I was "on", I was very good... but when I was having an "off" day... I couldn't hit the side of a barn if I was inside it. I was a finger shooter, and began using a release with the carbons, which helped a great deal. Four years ago, I bought a Mathews solo-cam bow, and the guy at the archery shop gave me a graphite arrow (made by Gold Tip) to try. I'll NEVER use anything but those Gold Tip graphites. They are also sold under the Browning label... but they are made by Gold Tip and are the same arrow. They're the best you can get, IMHO. They're not cheap (from $80-100 a dozen, depending on where you buy them). I have exceeded 300fps on a chrono using my Matthews Z-Max and Gold Tip graphites, when I have it cranked up to maximum poundage. I only use one sight pin out to 30 yds., and another for 30-50yds. The graphites are very tough, and take a lot of abuse before breaking. The down side is, they are very difficult to remove from a foam 3-D type target. They penetrate very deep, and the friction from their high speed, melts the foam upon impact, and they get stuck pretty good. I coat them with "Pam", the non-stick stuff you spray in a frying pan, which I "borrowed" from the wife's kitchen cabinet... and it works.

08-01-2002, 10:25

The Gold Tips were recommended to me by my local archery shop. Although they seem very expensive, I think that I'll probably end up shooting them.

08-01-2002, 12:55
They were recommended by a bowhunting friend a couple of years ago. Funny thing is that he was on the Easton Pro Staff at the time! We have both been using the black XT Hunter with all white fletching for better visibility in flight. I couldn't be more pleased with their performance.

Prices on these arrows has actually come down a bit since last year. I have been getting them from:

Scroll down to mid-page for the Gold Tips. Current price is $70/dozen.


08-02-2002, 22:17
Originally posted by m65swede
We have both been using the black XT Hunter with all white fletching for better visibility in flight. I couldn't be more pleased with their performance.


Yep... that's the exact same set up I've been using. I use a 100gr "shockwave" mechanical broadhead. The Gold Tips are now available in camo, and they're much slicker feeling, and quieter upon draw. Price seems the same. Two archery shops nearby are about $20 apart in price... one has 'em for $69.95 a dozen, the other guy has 'em for $89.95 a dozen. The differance is, the cheaper guy has them already fletched (two blacks and a fucia)... the other guy fletches them to your specs and colors. I'll spend the extra bucks to get all white fletching. They're much easier to see in flight in low light. You can tell instantly if you made a good hit.

Jack T.
08-03-2002, 16:28
Another mark for GoldTips. . .don't bend and shoot plenty well from my Mathews.