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08-02-2002, 22:40
Are there any Illinois resident deer hunters (who travel north to hunt in WI) out there? On my local news last night, they made a brief mention of the Illinois Dept of Conservation "banning" any Illinois hunter from bringing home any deer killed in WI, because of the CWD scare. Today, a few local people told me the ban was not only for WI deer, but ALL deer and/or elk killed out of Illinois would not be allowed across state lines into Illinois. A self imposed kind of quarentine. What do you know about this, if anything?

If it's true, it will make deer hunting, here up north, much more frustrating. Here's why. The county I live in, and the adjoining county to the east (only a few miles away) are mostly public forest. There's a national forest, two state forests, and a very large county forest as well. Not to mention a couple of hundred-thousand acres of paper company owned land which is open to public hunting. Because of all this available hunting land, hunters from the Chicago area flock here in droves. Some are darn good hunters, and they're welcome here, but the majority are more interested in beer, booze, and the local womenfolk... than in getting a deer. What I fear, is the serious hunters... the ones we like to have... will stay home, because they usually get a deer, and will not be able to enjoy the meat back home. And the booze/broad hounds... who never shoot a deer anyway... will still be here, f'ing things up, as usual.

Anybody got any links to any stories about this ban???

08-02-2002, 23:20
Hi I'm from Chicago.
I've hunted WI for 7 years and this is the first year that I'm staying home.
Illinois bow hunting for me.
Thanks for that little pat on the back, most cheese heads don't like any FISH'S, If you know what I mean.
P.S of the 15 guys from Chicago I had deer camp with in WI, most can't hunt at all, and more so they are dangerous!;1

08-04-2002, 03:24
Originally posted by rfb45colt
Anybody got any links to any stories about this ban???

Yup, the story is true. The ban includes deer and elk killed in any other state including Wisconsin. You can still "import" processed meat and mounted heads, but raw carcasses are verboten. This won't really affect my hunting partner and me as we intend to confine our deer hunting to good ole' Illinois.

Here's the website for the Illinois DNR:


08-05-2002, 14:08
Well that settles that.

Well, I like to keep the beer at camp and focus on hunting.