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08-05-2002, 10:36
i'm looking to get geared up for the archery deer season. i haven't shot a bow since i was 10 and at camp, so i figure a crossbow is the way to go. i can shoot a rifle, so there shouldn't be much i need to pick up.

i'm looking at the barnett rhino quad package deal.

it's a little more than i want to spend, but comes with everything. what are the opinions on barnett and crossbows in general?

08-05-2002, 11:37
I've got a Barnett Quad 300 & other than being very heavy- I like it.

08-05-2002, 11:41
Also the trigger pull on mine is VERY HEAVY!! Wish I knew how to lighten it. I did make one big mistake with mine, I shot it once without checking to make sure the nock of the bolt ws against the string it & it split the limbs. Had to send it back to Barnett & my dealer that shipped it charged me $70.00. Anyway mine shoots great.

08-05-2002, 20:22
mpol, have never owned a Barnett but I know friends who have and I think you would be better off with a Horton or Ten Point. I know there is a big price diff but you get what you pay for. Horton's customer service is really good from what i've heard also. Have had two Hortons; a 150# which I sold to my friend and my two year old 200# hunter, both are accurate, reliable and fast. One other thing to consider, Horton is made in U.S.A. where is Barnett made....? Good luck in whatever you choose , archery hunting is a great way to spend early fall days.:)