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08-05-2002, 14:06
Guy I work with told me if you're hunting on private land, you don't need a license for wild pigs, and there is no limit as they're "pests". He has a friend with a 1,500 acre ranch and a lot of wild pigs that need to get nailed, so I was curious. If it's true, my .30-30 and AK might get a workout. :)

08-05-2002, 14:59
It is always open season on feral hogs in Texas.
Your friend was right.

I don't know if there are different rules for javelinas.

08-05-2002, 18:42
Murphy - the little booklet that's on the counter for free when you get your license has all the fish & game laws in it. New one this month. I am pretty sure Javelinas have some regs.

BKD in Texas
08-05-2002, 20:17
You WILL need a hunting license to hunt anything in Texas...

Wild (feral) hog - no closed season, no bag limit, not considered a game animal.

Javelina - Check the book for county you will be in. Some have seasons, some are year round, most have a yearly bag limit of two. Is a game animal.

Please don't think because feral hogs are not an official game animal, that you can get by without a license. In Texas, if you are in the woods with a gun, you better have a hunting license to go with it. Of course, you can always gamble... :>) But Texas Game Wardens aren't known for leniency. Quite the opposite in fact.

Take Care,

08-06-2002, 17:53
What BKD said, not to suggest that you would violate fish and game laws, Murphy. For simple violations, they can not only fine you, but also can and will take your tackle, guns, truck, boat, etc.

08-07-2002, 11:33

"In Texas, if you are in the woods with a gun, you better have a hunting license to go with it."

I am coming from a Wyoming frame of mind here, but do you mean to tell me that if I'm hiking around in Texas, enjoying life, and "backpacking & camping out" in the out-of-doors and I have a firearm for personal protection from whatever, that I have to have a HUNTING LICENSE???

Just what type of hunting license do I purchase to protect myself from BGs who want to whoop up on my butt in my campsite?

08-07-2002, 17:11
if you're not decked out in hunting regalia(sp) and posess no critters i think you'll be alright. even if you were in hunting attire i would think that as long as you possesed no critters you'd still be alright.

BKD in Texas
08-07-2002, 20:31
I will reiterate but expound.

98% of land in Texas is privately owned. If you are hiking and armed on private land, your odds of encountering a game warden are probably pretty remote. How lucky do you feel? :>)

BUT, if you are carrying a firearm in any method (except concealed where the warden can't see it), AND you encounter a game warden, AND you don't have a hunting license, you are subject to be ticketed for hunting without a license at his discretion. And as I stated earlier, Texas game wardens are not known for exercising discretion.

The reason for this is based on Texas law. Any centerfire caliber is legal for almost any game animal, with very few exceptions. Even a .25 auto is legal for large game! Rimfires are legal for all small game. In most Texas counties, there is NO closed season on small game, and very long seasons on large game, i.e. deer, etc. On some other large game, i.e. javelina, there is NO closed season in many counties. Therefore, you can pretty much hunt at least some or one type of game year round in Texas. Therefore, if you are in the woods, with almost any gun, you can safely (and legally) be presumed to be hunting by a Texas game warden. And they WILL presume it in most cases.

To be safe, just buy a hunting license. Trust me on this.

Take Care,

08-08-2002, 08:02
Thanks for the tip!

I find this "requirement" and mind set by game wardens increditable!

I sure hope everyone who "carries" in Texas not only has a CCW but a current hunting license as well. Never know when you might stroll through a timbered area that contains a population of squirrels. (I apologise for the sarcasm, it is not aimed at you, BKD).

What ever happen to the "right to keep and bare arms"? In TEXAS no less! If ever there was a state which exemplifies freedom, Texas is the first one that comes to my mind.

Guess I should thank God I live in Wyoming where I can own, carry exposed, or hang in the back window of my pickup truck a firearm (pistol or long gun) without the local or state law enforcement thinking I am up to something other than exercising my right to own a firearm. We are presumed to just be armed until there is evidence that we harvested or attempted to harvest a game animal (like trying to sneak up on one). In other words, having a fishing rod in your possession and sitting on the bank of a stream doesn't constitute fishing, but dangling a line in the water does.

What I hear you saying is you can be charged for your intent based on what some game warden interprets it to be. Sure hope they don't mis-interpret my staring at a pretty lady as mental rape!

Oh Well, "When in Rome", as they say.

Thanks again for the advice.

08-08-2002, 08:57
My parents family have over 70+acres of land around the Col river in central Tejas.I can bet you everybody that hunts in my family don't have a hunting license and never purchased one in the past.They mainly shoot quail and white tails.

It is private land and their chance of an game warden encounter is very unlikely.

08-08-2002, 13:12
elkslayer, you missed the point and you are overexaggerating in your response. Obviously, no one will be prosecuted based on intent alone. In order to be convicted of a crime, you must have act plus intent. Get real....

08-08-2002, 14:35
I bet that in most states sitting by the river with a rod and reel in your hands constitues fishing and you better have a license. On the other hand, if you have no line on your reel and no tackle box or bait, you might be able to claim that you are using it for a lighning rod I guess.

08-08-2002, 16:22
You definitely need a hunting license to hunt feral hogs in Texas, regardless of who owns the property. If you're not hunting, you don't need the license. You don't need a hunting license just to be armed in the woods.

I once took a walk in the woods w/my .22 after I had finished plinking in a clearing. I took the rifle with me because I didn't want to leave it laying there. I wasn't hunting, but it later occurred to me that a game warden might have thought I was hunting, and reasonably so. But I didn't encounter one that day.

08-08-2002, 21:03
This section of the law specifically addresses feral hogs.

Nongame Animals (Includes, but is not limited to the following):
Armadillos*, Bobcats*, Coyotes*, Feral hogs, Flying squirrels, Frogs (non-protected), Ground squirrels, Mountain lions, Porcupines, Prairie dogs, Rabbits, Turtles (non-protected)

No closed season. These animals may be hunted at any time by any lawful means or methods on private property (see Restricted Methods, pg. 68 in the OUTDOOR ANNUAL). Public hunting lands may have restrictions. A hunting license is required


08-09-2002, 10:11
I'm not trying to be obstinate, but,

BKD in Texas sez -

"Therefore, if you are in the woods, with almost any gun, you can safely (and legally) be presumed to be hunting by a Texas game warden. And they WILL presume it in most cases".

Then Alpine sez -

"If you're not hunting, you don't need the license. You don't need a hunting license just to be armed in the woods".

HMB - To me these are conflicting statements.

The reason this is of such an interest to me is that I frequently walk around in or ride a horse for days on end and camp out in an area of Texas (which will remain unmentioned for privacy reasons) and which would be considered a "remote hunting area" and I am armed, usually openly.

Now, I would like to know what the rules are.

I find in unreasonable that just to carry a firearm in an a open range area of Texas, I must purchase a hunting license when I have no intention of hunting or shooting anything that is alive and is considered "wildlife".

Again, the thing that caught my attention is the discrepency of the interpretations by those who live in or are knowledgable of Texas.

08-09-2002, 10:13
Originally posted by Elkslayer

Now, I would like to know what the rules are.

Then go to the frigging web site I posted and read them.

Again, the thing that caught my attention is the discrepency of the interpretations by those who live in or are knowledgable of Texas.

That is how the Internet works. It is far easier to sound off some useless opinion than to actually use a search engine and get the facts.

Also, there is no open carry of handguns in Texas, so you may want to brush up on the Penal code too:

Texas Statutes (http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/statutes/statutes.html)

08-09-2002, 10:49
An 1886 45-70 in a saddle scabbard doesn't qualify as a handgun. But it does constitute "open carry" when in hand or in scabbard, right?

08-09-2002, 11:00
Texas does not regulate the carrying of long arms, though they are still subject to prohibited places.

See PC 46.01 for special status of weapons manufactured before 1899.

BKD in Texas
08-09-2002, 11:36
I will say this one more time, as simply as I can...

If you are walking/riding the woods with a FIREARM (period) in Texas, WITHOUT a hunting license, and you encounter a game warden, you very likely WILL receive a ticket for hunting without a license.

If you don't believe me, try it! Then go see the judge and argue with him... :>)

I will say no more...

Take Care,

08-09-2002, 16:43
why don't you go down the the texas parks&wildlife office or call them, ask to speak to a warden and ask. or just fork over $19, unless they raised the price again.

i need to call academy and see when the new license's are going to be in and how much.

08-12-2002, 17:14
Open season on them here too!

slick slidestop
08-12-2002, 19:55
I must disagree with the statement "you better have a license if you are armed in the woods even if not hunting"

I know 2 Game Wardens personally and they say that unless they SEE you hunting or CATCH YOU with game, they WILL NOT cite you.

If a Game Warden approaches you, I guarantee he has been watching you covertly for quite some time before he confronts you.

You may carry a weapon for defense while in the woods for snakes etc. especially if it is private property.

If you have ever been cited or know anyone who was cited for the above scenario, you got (to quote one of the GW'S) "Screwed by a gung-ho Game Warden"

08-13-2002, 00:08
We now have feral hogs up here in Washington State as well. Olympic Peninsula, north of Aberdeen, WA.

The .30-30 with 170gr softpoint bullets will be fine.

08-13-2002, 09:29
Murphy's thread has gone astray. The original issue had to do with whether you need a license to hunt pigs on private land. The answer is yes.

08-13-2002, 10:18
Thank you! :)

08-13-2002, 13:35
maybe this will clear things up...
"A hunting license (see below, pg. 33, and pg. 64) is required of any person, regardless of age, who hunts any animal or bird in this state. Does not apply to alligators (an Alligator Hunterís License is required) and is not needed to hunt furbearers, if the hunter possesses a trapperís license."