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10-29-2008, 14:46
Dear Bluegrass Glockers,

Almost a year ago I started a State forum for Indiana Gun Owners. The forum has become an excllent resource for uniting gun owners in the State of Indiana.

I'm in KY several times a month for work. Most of my time is spent in Owensboro and I always try to hit up Moonlite and Whittaker's. A good friend of mine lives in Lexington and asked me if I could set up a similar forum for KY Gun Owners! Well I did!

Kentucky Gun Owners Forum (

I'll be helping out with getting the forum off the ground. I hope you might consider joining us and I hope KYShooters will become the resource for Kentuckians that INGunOwners has become for Hoosiers!

Best Wishes,

Mike M

10-31-2008, 19:32
I register yesterday! Look good and It's good to have a KY forum. Thank man :yourock:

Aaron Little
11-10-2008, 15:00
Thanks for taking the time to start KY Shooters. I am excited to se a KY training forum.