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10-31-2008, 05:01
Madison (Mississippi) police investigating reports of neo-Nazi group

By Kathleen Baydala • October 30, 2008

Madison police are investigating reports of a “self-proclaimed neo-Nazi group” comprised of teenagers in the city.

Law enforcement agents from local, state and federal agencies served six search warrants Wednesday inside the city limits and one in the county, according to a statement released today by the Madison Police Department.

The investigators did not find evidence of materials used to make explosive devices.

“However, items were collected that will be analyzed for possible ties to the self-proclaimed organization,” the police statement said.

No arrests were made, but a young man was detained after police discovered he was a runaway from Ridgeland. A second young man was detained in connection with a vandalism case in Madison. Police say both juveniles will be turned over to youth court.
I don't understand the underlined part of this news article.

"Items were collected that will be analyzed for possible ties to the self-proclaimed organization" implies that simply associating with the group is a crime.

It may be stupid, but to my knowledge, it's not a crime.

PS: Why do they use the term "self-proclaimed organization"? Aren't most non-governmental organizations self-proclaimed?

10-31-2008, 10:56
Our Tax Dollars at work. That being said, it must have been slow day at these agencies. :dunno:

11-03-2008, 09:46
What annoys me about this stuff is that in every survey I've seen, Mississippi is at the top or very near the top of all states in giving to charitable organizations. Yet that apparently isn't newsworthy versus this drivel.... Negative stereotyping of my state makes me nuts, and these morons didn't do anything to help us out...