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11-07-2008, 18:05
My girlfriend is thinking about getting me one for Christmas this year.

Thing is, other than how they work, I cannot find an overly large amount of information on them.

Are they any good?

Where is a good place to buy one?

11-07-2008, 20:59
I like mine. Fun watch, Swiss quality. I've got the titanium case, carbon fiber dial, and rubber strap. It's my "sport" watch.

People like it and have never seen anything like it. I rarely wear it, but it's fun when I do. Just playing with it makes it a good watch to own; not to mention, it's damned light.

As far as buying one, I'd honestly check eBay, there are no fakes that I'm aware of. But, if you want a storefront, I know Reeds Jewelers is an authorized retailer.