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11-17-2008, 13:42
Does anyone know of a SMALL grain mill, perhaps hand-crank, that is inexpensive? I am looking at grinding some whole wheat berries but I know that I will only need to do a small amount at any one time. Seriously, I'm only looking at 5 oz at the most. Therefore I don't need a huge, expensive grinder so was wondering what my options were.

Also, has anyone ever ground wheat berries in a food processor? I've got a full size food processor and a mini-prep but have only ground flax seed on occasion. It was a pain and took forever using that method, mostly I'm assuming because the flax seeds are very small and very hard. I'm hoping wheat berries might grind up easier in a food processor. Anyone?


11-17-2008, 19:10
dont know what your definition of expensive is but i know corona grain mills are popular and could probably be found on e-bay. i use a probably to expensive for your needs, i use it for brewing

11-17-2008, 19:43
The Back to Basics Grain Mill would probably work for you, here is the best price I have found. (
It has some fairly good reviews here. (
Some more information can be found at Back to Basics Manual Grain Mill (
Hope this helps.

11-18-2008, 20:19
Thanks everyone. Smittymojoe, the Back to Basics looks like a pretty good deal and just the right size for what I'm thinking of using it for.