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11-24-2008, 18:16
Thanks for reading. I am new to NC and have a quick question.

Regarding the Training Requirement for CCW - are there any exemptions

I have active VA and GA CCW permits (use to be active military (got those permits when I lived in those states but now I am a reservist).

And I just qualified with the M9 2 weeks ago.

If there isn't an exemption (reason I ask is VA allows for an exemption to the trng req if you are active-military) can anyone point me in the direction of a fairly cost reasonable instructor in the Hickory, NC area?

Thanks in advance

Short Bus
11-24-2008, 18:22
Check out springs road gun club. I think since you are military, they will either waive the fee or the class all together. Don't remember for sure. It maybe up to the instructor as far as the fee goes.

You can also check here, these guys are great.

NC Bullseye
11-24-2008, 23:47
They could wave the fee (don't think they do though) but they can not wave the class. There are not other courses that are accepted as equivalent to the NC CHP training. That is due in large part to the fact that a big chunk of the course is on NC law for use of deadly force and concealed carry law.

I'm in the Hickory area and I teach the course also and will do a one on one. If your interested send me a private message here and we can work on it.

If you have any other questions regarding NC CHP please feel free to ask!

NC Bullseye
11-30-2008, 15:40
Hey batakgt,

On the 26th I sent ya a response to your private message, did it get lost in the interweb? I'm filling in some of the days that I told you that I have available so let me know. Thanks for your interest!