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11-25-2008, 10:42
I'm about to take my CCW for Missouri. I see that many of the advertised instructors offer a class to certify you for Missouri, Utah, and Florida? Why is that?

I'm assuming that it has to do with which states honor other state's CCW??

12-07-2008, 18:12
Utah and Florida are popular permits, because they have reciprocity with so many states.

However, I believe Missouri permits are nearly as widely recognized. I wish they issued non-resident permits.

01-11-2009, 18:05
just get the MO. Mo CCW information is only availiable to the MULES system. Florida is open info. Besides if you live in MO and want to carry in KS you have to have a MO CCW. Why pay the money for the other permits? KS law states that they have reciprocity with MO but " you must have a ccw for the state you reside in". :cool: