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Tweek's Turbos
11-25-2008, 17:59
A buddy of mine from my other hobby club is selling me a DPMS lower reciever. I'm gonna call Virginia Arms tomorow (local FFL) and see what the deal is.

My guess: PA and VA are good states, so I'm sure I'll just have to pay him the FFL fee and it should be ok to ship from a private seller to him.

Why I ask, PA is a little goofy with stripped lowers. Anything that could become a handgun needs paperwork. The yellow form and the white handgun form.

Has anybody here made a purchase from PA? Can you point me in a better direction if I have a different option?

11-26-2008, 11:00
Recently had private Pa seller ship rifle to Virginia Arms--not a lower, but very routine transaction for which VA charged $20.