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Nicky D
11-27-2008, 16:33
I have 2 routers that I have been using, well one gave up the ghost over the weekend. My question is do I buy another router or is a switch more of what I am looking for? I have a Linksys BEFSR41 that is working fine and I have had this for a long time. My Linksys 81 is what died and I only had it probably about a year. I am running quite a few things, so I need alot of ports. So is a switch what I need or do I just buy another router. Everything is hard wired, so I do not need wireless. Appreciate the advice.

Big Al 24
11-27-2008, 17:24
Unless you're trying to divide the networks or you have 2 different cable hookups through your ISP, I think a switch is your best bet. A switch just splits the connection and is the same as the router minus some features. Switches are usually cheaper too especially if you're just looking to add 4 ports or so.

11-27-2008, 17:37
What Big Al said ^^^
Since you said a lot of stuff, I'd get an 8 or more port switch, but look for deals. If you only need to replace the old router's ports, you can find better deals during Christmas on routers than switches usually.