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08-12-2002, 22:45
Has anyone hunted cow elk with a bow in Unit 6A south in AZ? I got drawn and have not ever hunted that area before. Any suggestions?


08-14-2002, 12:58
i'm jealous. i didn't get drawn for any of the tags i put in for this year :( i don't have the map in front of me so i'm not exactly sure where 6A is. the elk population has done very good despite of the drought.

if the unit is close to an area that burned this year it will be extra packed. anyone hunting just outside where the rodeo fire was will almost be assured of filling their tag. 500,000 acres worth of game had to run somewhere.

while i've never hunted big game in AZ (since i've never been drawn) i've scouted all over the place. animals out here are more in tuned with their water source than back in OH. get yourself a good topo map of the area and find some water. then narrow that down to places with water that have definate lanes to get to the water source. i'd scout those places first.

good luck.