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11-29-2008, 14:54
My girlfriend has gotten into photography over the past couple of years since I gave her a Nikon point and click. She has had several since then and she has earned the name of the family paparazzi. She absolutely loves taking pictures of everything. She travels a good bit around the country and on her last trip to Ca came back with a couple of thousand in three weeks time.

I told her to pick out a new camera for x-mas this year and this is what I ended up getting her...

Cannon EOS Rebel XSi 12.2mp
EF-s 18-55mm IS Lens
EF-s 55-250mm IS Lens

We already have some very nice tripods and I plan on also getting her a bag, remote and external flash (need help deciding on what to get).

This will be her/our first DSLR camera and we are hoping to really enjoy it after we learn what all it is capable of.

For generic family & landscape pics, will these lens suffice or do I need to start looking for another specific lens?

What about shooting RAW vs JPEG? I have no clue what RAW is, but I have a feeling I am about to learn a great deal about it.

What about lens filters? Are any better than any others? Why does she need them? She will be taking pics inside and out, daylight and dark.

11-29-2008, 15:15
The EF-S lens she picked out will work on the Rebel but remember they will not work on bodies with sensors that are larger (1D, 5D). If she ever goes up to a larger sensor the lenses will not work. Always take glass over body. Good lenses last you a life time A body is obsolete in 2 years.

How far away she needs the flash to work will influence what she should get.
The higher the guide number of the flash the greater its intensity and range will be.

I always shoot RAW. A Raw file is just that the raw data that has not been processed any. When you shoot JPEG then the camera taked that data an applies the settings to the data (color balance, sharpening, ect..) then saves it as a JPEG. By shooting RAW you will not get any lost of quality since it is a loss less format (granted one save of a JPEG at high quality setting will have very little loss). It is also easier to fix things like color balance if you shoot RAW.

For filters some people always put on a UV filter to protect the lens. Others say that it will degrade the quality (it is in the optical path) so only use a filter if you need it. Like lens always get good filters do not cheep out on them they have a direct impact on the quality of your photo.

11-29-2008, 17:21
Sounds like a good combo! I have an XTi and love it. there are a lot of helpful people at ( it is a bunch of Canon shooters and there are local groups under the POTN Member Activities area.

11-29-2008, 19:33
Thanks for the info folks!

I'm somewhat camera literate but have a long way to go. I will be reading up on the and will make sure to get her on it very soon.

bodies with sensors that are larger (1D, 5D). If she ever goes up to a larger sensor the lenses will not work.

What sensors are you talking about?

11-29-2008, 19:45
The sensors are what collect the info for the picture instead of having the film behind the mirror, it is now a sensor. the sensors on the Rebels and 30D/40D/50D are smaller APS-C sized sensors commonly referred to as a 1.6x sensor. the EF-S lenses mount deeper into the body. with the smaller sensor the reflex mirror is smaller also. if you put that EF-S lens on a 5D, 1Ds (full size 35mm sensor) the mirror is bigger and will hit the back of the lens from my understanding.the 1D is also a larger sensor 1.3x size. also the lenses made for the smaller sensor will not expose the full or 1.3x sensor to all the image and you will get heavy vignetting

11-29-2008, 20:54
The EF-S mount is designed to work with normal EF lenses but the EF-S lens will not mount to a normal EF mount as the mirror would hit the lens. The only way you could mount it is with an extension tube. But as Rutha pointed out the image circle will not cover the whole frame.

11-29-2008, 20:59
What sensors are you talking about?
In addition to explanations above, here is a photo of various-sized sensors (

11-30-2008, 07:47
I bought the XSI when it came out. It was basically my 1st DSLR, I had an XT a few years ago but felt after a few shots I felt I wasn't ready for the SLR move. Read the manual, listen to people with more camera knowledge than you ie. POTN, take photos in RAW + JPEG, experiement with RAW (if you have problems with dealing with RAW, no big deal you have a jpeg copy also), Sigma makes some great lenses that are way cheaper than Canon's especially while you're learning. Always keep filters on your lens, cheaper to break them than your front element. I usually put CPL's on lens I use outdoors, esp in sunny conditions. UV's on lens I generally use indoors.

Its all fun and not really a big deal going from P&S to SLR. You will learn something new every time you play with the camera. RAW really isn't a big deal, if I can learn to process photos I'm sure you can.

12-01-2008, 00:58
I understand completely now.....I think :supergrin:

Thanks again everyone!

We should have a new toy by the end of this week.