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12-01-2008, 09:09
There's a LaserMax special going on now!

You can get:

$30 off Guide Rod Lasers (!
$20 off NEW Sabre ( Series, Uni-Max ( (red only), or J-Max ( for revolvers!

Two ways to take part in this great offer:

1. Go to and use the following LaserMax coupon codes during checkout
a) LMS120830 for $30 off Guide Rod Lasers
b) LMS120820 for $20 off NEW Sabre Series, Uni-Max (red only), or J-Max for revolvers

2. Go to your local dealer, purchase one of the above products, and tear off a mail in rebate form (if available at the counter). If coupon not available at the counter, you can download the form HERE ( Just fill out the form, and send it with a valid store receipt and UPC code from the box to:

Not bad, right? You have to hurry though, this offer is only good on purchases made through January 5, 2009. Save some money this holiday season and give the gift of First Shot Confidence with LaserMax!

01-08-2009, 23:37
Hopefully everyone took advantage of the special while it was going on. If you still qualify for the mail in rebate, be sure to get your forms in by mid February to receive you rebate.

Thank you to all who took part in the special and making it even more successful than last year's rebate.