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08-13-2002, 13:20
I was wondering what rounds you all use when hunting varmit. I am going on a varmit hunt this weekend and I was looking for something to really make them *pop*.

08-13-2002, 13:52
depends on what you have or if you are itching for an early birthday present:)

.223 is excellent for most. .17 is pretty cool too. Even 30.06 if its a larger size varmint. Most people who want to save the fur use a smaller caliber weapon. But most states rquire a trappers license to posess fur...

08-13-2002, 13:58
Originally posted by glockmeister23
I was looking for something to really make them *pop*.

Nosler Ballistic Tips. Hornady V-Max. Sierra BlitzKings.

Any of the above bullet types will make them pop. They are available in bullet weights of 40, 50, 55, and (V-Max only) 60 grains. Choose the bullet weight that matches your barrel twist, velocity, and type of game.

In factory stuff Remington's Premier uses V-Max bullets, Winchester Supreme uses the Ballistic Tip, and Hornady uses the V-Max in their Varmint Express line. Black Hills makes varmint loads using the V-Max.

There are other bullets that will do the job, but these plastic-tipped projectiles take much of the guesswork out of terminal performance. You can't go wrong here. :)


08-13-2002, 14:01
haha! It seems I completely misunderstood the question:);e

08-13-2002, 14:04
I really like the Hornady V-Max bullet in 55 grainers.

08-13-2002, 14:19
thanks....yeah i've been reading on that hornady .17cal. Really interesting. I'm MAINLY going to be shooting my Bushmaster dissipator.

sooner pete
08-13-2002, 14:27
Nosler ballistic tip 55gr.

08-13-2002, 17:34
Originally posted by glockmeister23
[B I'm MAINLY going to be shooting my Bushmaster dissipator. [/B]

Your Bushmaster should be able to handle any of these plastic tips. Even the lighter 40 grain bullets can be effective, though the 50 or 55's usually prove most accurate.

You actually have to try different loads to find which ammo your rifle prefers. My hunting partner and I own 8 rifles in .223 between us; Bushmaster, Colt, NEF, Remington, Ruger and Savage. We've naturally found that each rifle has its preferred load. You gotta try 'em to find out.

Primary difference between the Nosler and the V-Max is that the Nosler is of boattail design while the V-Max is flat based. IMO the Nosler gives a tad more penetration than the Hornady or Sierra.

Attached is a pic of a 1 quart plastic oil container that was filled with water and shot with a 40 grain V-Max at a range of 20 yards. POI was right below the "0" in "10" on the right side of pic. Note that the center of the cap was blown off, leaving the threaded portion screwed in place. Sorry for lousy pic; it was near dark.


08-13-2002, 18:06
i've had good experience with winchester 40gr and 50gr ballistic silvertips. i'm shooting a .22-250 so the velocity is higher, but i wouldn't think that the expansion would be much less. it's actually more of an explosion. my .223 rifle is a mini-14 so one load wasn't much more accurate than another. i stick with the cheaper HP for that and they pop jackrabbits just fine.

with any .22 centerfire at distances under a few hundred yards, there's not going to be much left whether it's a HP or ballistic tip on smaller critters. when the bullet fragments inside of something that weighs just a few pounds it's rips 'em right open.

08-13-2002, 21:14
50 grain V-max Blackhills.

Get them here:


I don't think they're listed on the site, but they can order it in.:)

08-14-2002, 17:06
Try a .224 cal. Calhoon 35 or 47 grain HP! Man, those demolish just about everything, even if shot from a .22 Hornet!

Pricey, but very, very good!