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12-03-2008, 16:29
How does one go about finding a competent network consultant to call in for backup?

I have run into some issues that I can't figure out and need some help. We are a couple of hours from the nearest "city" that would have someone that could just stop by and lend a hand. Anyone I call in would be expensive and would probably have to be there during business hours (network down time). I need them to be someone that I can trust not to just try things until they find an answer.

Any ideas?

Big Al 24
12-03-2008, 19:05
I wish I could help...

12-03-2008, 21:46
Well, believe it or not, call around and whoever charges more is probably going to get the job done. I have found that people charge based on their competancy. Except for Geek Squad. They charge more because they like to ripoff consumers.