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12-08-2008, 21:32
this past weekend i carried my family to ft knox to the pattton museum and desided to check out the px. the one thing that i didn't know was that they can sell friearms in the px :wow::wow::wow: there were long guns handguns shot guns EVERYTHING plus shells it was heaven. the prices were a little cheaper than my local gunstore and everything is taxfree. :cool:

12-08-2008, 21:46
yeah, depends on what base you're at. i've only see this at a couple posts. a lot of posts only sell ammo at the gun and rod club.

12-09-2008, 08:13
When did that start?

And, what's the army's rules after you purchase something? Are you allowed to just pick it up right then and then put it in your car?

Training Junkie
12-31-2008, 13:36
The Bragg PX's don't sell either ammo or firearms.

01-02-2009, 21:48
Ft Hood just started about a month or so ago. However, I remember Eielson AFB, AK selling guns back in the early '80s. Seems to be whether or not the Post/Base Commander and the AAFES manager want to do it (and it is legal in the starte where they are located).

Prices are not too bad, but they seem to use only one distributer who has issues keeping things in stock.

To answer Biscuits and Jam: At Hood, you are escorted to the door and told that you have 30 minutes to be OFF POST. Following that, normal Post registration requirements are in effect

01-02-2009, 23:00
The Bragg PX's don't sell either ammo or firearms.

I see you are a fellow paratrooper.

When we got back from Desert Storm, what you now know as the mini-mall on Reilly was closed down. When we left it (the current mini mall that is) was the main PX and they built the current main post (North) PX while we were gone. When they opened the mini mall a couple of months later they sold guns for about a year or two.

I bought a 870 there and once I paid for it, they put a sticker on the box and I left. No time limit to be gone or anything like that.

The PX could not compete with Jim's and all the other places off post that could sell cheaper than they could, so they stopped in 1993 or so.

I really hope to get back to Bragg this summer after the academy is finished.

Keep your feet and knees together!!!