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12-14-2008, 21:22
Any Berlin Vets here, any service or Nation.
Me. November 60, August 62 6th Infantry.

01-09-2009, 15:08
Any Berlin Vets here, any service or Nation.
Me. November 60, August 62 6th Infantry.69-72 here (w/ short side-trip to RVN). Certainly one of the most interesting periods of my life; when done I may not have wanted to return to CA (it wasn't Kalifornia then), but I damn sure thanked God I was born an American.


01-11-2009, 17:03
Yeah, when we were there you could see the difference in the Zones.

01-12-2009, 15:26
59 - 62

You guys are old! me 2.


01-16-2009, 22:48
Holy cow, mesteve2, are you in the Berlin Brigade forum? I was in Scout Plt 2nd BG, then B Co 3rd BG, the A co 3rd BG. But fired on the Berlin Brigade rifle team with Captain Cartes all the time. Where were you on Aug 13th 61, how about the day in Oct when the Tanks faced each other at C P Charlie?

01-24-2009, 22:06
A little later than you all, but I spent two years in West Berlin...back when there was a West Berlin.

06-02-2009, 19:28
I can't wait to go back. I want to stand where C P Charlie was the day the tanks faced each other. I was there and the memories are vivid.

06-29-2009, 14:12
Hello all. I just thought I'd give another bump for the Berlin U S Veteran's Association. They have an online site. It's nice to make contact with your old buddies.

11-08-2009, 12:29
The 9th of November is the 20th anniversary of the Wall coming down.

11-26-2009, 08:04
Happy Thanksgiving to all my comrades who served behind the iron Curtain.