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12-17-2008, 19:15
Bought a laptop, and need to get my files of my old desktop. Can somebody tell how to transfer them through my router. I really dont want to waste a bunch of time and dvds burning all of it. Oh, the desktop is running XP and the new laptop is running Vista. And I have a netgear router. Thanks for help

Big Al 24
12-17-2008, 19:21
Set up a network in your control panel (pick a name and enable sharing). Share the folders with the stuff you want to transfer, then go to the other computer and copy the files from the shared folder. Or buy a USB memory stick and copy them by hand.

12-17-2008, 19:36
thanks, ill give it a try now. I tried using the windows file transfer wizard, but never could get it to find the network or something

12-18-2008, 13:29
If that don't work, OfficeMax sells a device in it's laptop section that allows you to connect two computers together via USB and drag n drop. Or you can buy that One Click hard drive back up.