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12-26-2008, 22:21

I am looking at the different paid membership tiers.

I cannot find the where it says the difference in the memberships.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(if there is a page somewhere that shows this I am sorry, I cannot find it, I can only find the page that shows the different memberships and costs, but it is not detailed.)

Thanks in Advance

12-27-2008, 07:23
I'm still wondering how a paid member is notified when his membership needs renewed.

12-27-2008, 13:17
Is there any administrator or member that can give me the low down on the memberships?

I like this site so much, I am considering getting one, just need info!!

Dalton Wayne
12-27-2008, 13:27
Send a PM to Mrs. VR she can answer all your questions. :cool:

Mrs. VR
12-27-2008, 19:46
Hi, I'm sorry, I didn't see this sooner. Here is what Eric posted a little while back:I haven't put up any info on that because the final details are not all in place yet. Each level of membership has access to the same basic things now, but each levels gets progressively more of each function. You get more PM space, you can PM more people at the same time, you get more space in the photo gallery and blog areas. Before Christmas, we will begin offering 'your-name-at' email service, with a nice web interface. The successive membership levels will get more email space.

Right now, the classified ads area is just a forum. Soon, it will become an actual classified ads area and when it does, limits will be placed on the number of items people can list. Free members will always be able to list a few items a month and each successive membership level will be able to list more items.There will also be a number of up-sell features, like gallery listings, bold listings, etc, that paid members will have access to. Mostly though, you get the satisfaction of helping me keep this nuthouse running. The site could use the help, folks.

Citori, I believe the software will tell you when it's going to expire, but if not, and you reup it should update within a short time, so there won't be any real downtime. If you have any trouble at that point, please, PM me.