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Short Bus
12-27-2008, 01:39
Anybody going to this? I will probably go early in the AM. The last one here was soooo packed, I could not believe it. Here is the info.

Short Bus
12-27-2008, 16:22
Nobody on here? Wow. Well, I went for a bit this morning, that place was packed. I did pick up one thing, I got a Grandfather Oaks IWB holster. Very thin kydex. So far, I really like this holster. We will see later with a full review.

I may go back tomorrow just to see if I can get any bites on an SKS.

12-28-2008, 07:35
Crap, I wish I would have caught this sooner. Rainy day here in the mountains, a little road trip might be nice.

12-28-2008, 10:25
I did make it, around 11:00, and it was not too crowded, but there was still too many people there for my liking. I didn't see any good glock prices at all, and AR-15 where way overpriced. I did pick up an M9 though, for a pretty good price, and had fun putting 200 rounds though that yesterday.

It was worth going to, I like the Raleigh shows better though.

Short Bus
12-28-2008, 13:52
Well, I went for a little while both days. Yesterday there were a ton of people. Today is was a little busy early on, but it thined out a little after lunch. I picked up a G27, a new holster for it and a little ammo. The ammo was high, but I was not buying a ton of it, so I guess it was OK. For what I have in my new G27, I came out smelling like a rose. :)