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12-28-2008, 16:55
My wife and I would like a winter place in SC for when I retire in a couple of years (we like the Aiken area a great deal). Am I correct in understanding that a part-time resident of SC can now apply for a concealed weapons permit?

And, yes I know that so long as I am within my 12 month qualification cycle I'm covered in SC (through the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act, so called). None the less, if I have a place down in that state I'd like a permit for it as well, just in case. For the record I have permits for FL, New Hampshire and PA, even though I "don't need them."

Thanks all! :wavey:

OK, went to the SLED site and found out that a person must first own property in order to qualify for an out of state permit.

I'll have to make sure both my wife and I are listed as the owners when I finally buy something!

12-30-2008, 17:52
Well I know that by having that N.H. CWP, you can also carry in Georgia. I know that has nothing to do w/ the question you asked, but I thought that might be helpful. I live in southern Anderson county about 10 miles from the GA line. Had to apply for the N.H. license to be able to carry in GA.

12-30-2008, 21:03
Yes SC does issue a Non-Residency permit, go to the SLED Website for the application.

Here's the link: