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01-01-2009, 17:37
For those of you who have been tracking my job progress, you all know that I have raced to a conclusion to my Security Forces career. Well, the time is almost here...

I woke up, as is becoming my norm, on the couch this afternoon. Why the couch? I have not got a clue. Anyway, I awake to find myself in a sea of uniforms. Scattered around the living room are BDUs and ABUs, SP badges, AMC badges, SSgt stripes and... my brain.

I look around realizing the amazing mess that I have sitting here in the living room along with how heavy my heart and feet are. It is very surprising to me that I feel a little moody and lethargic. I have wanted a change of pace, a rewarding job with perks and some resemblance of a normal work life, for quite some time now and now that it is upon me, I feel a little lost today.

I sit here and realize that I only have one more nine hour shift left to go as a Security Forces NCO but yet it feels as though I am missing something. It is almost as though I do NOT want to leave. How ironic, huh? I know how pathetic it sounds, but this is what I have known for the past seven almost eight years of my life. Yes, I know that I have not been on orders the entire time, but for the majority, it is who I am.

I am starting to get ready for my final day as I finish this up, but it is with a heavy heart and mixed emotions that I do so...:tempted:

The 9 hour shift is over and I am no longer a Security Forces member. It felt weird to take the beret off and put a patrol cap on, but once I took all the gear off and threw it in my trunk, I knew that it was a great feeling.

6 Jan I get to sit in our staff meetings for the new job and 12 Jan I will have 7.5 boots in some Officer Candidates butt.

The key thing for me is to sit back and enjoy the next 6 days off, reflect a little on the old job, prepare for the upcoming challenges and adventures of the new job, then press on with pride and motivation while remembering where I came from.

If it kills me, I will NOT forget...

01-02-2009, 05:27
Have fun in Happy Lackland!