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doug piston
01-06-2009, 20:57
anyone a member???

kinda considering it. lookin for some reviews

The Researcher
01-16-2009, 23:39
I think the member price is over priced! But unfortunetly there is nothing I found unless you work for the government that has computer steel hydrolics. It would make it worth the membership fee if they allowed AR's in the steel target range....

01-18-2009, 17:12
The staff is professional. The staff is friendly. The staff is well-trained. The facility is clean and well-maintained.

I've been a member since it opened and I'm happy with the whole situation.

I can see how many, many people would be put off by some of the rules and the costs. I think the business took 3 million dollars to set up, building purchase, modifications (it was used to manufacture wheel chairs), permits, equipment, legal fees.... it is not easy or cheap to set up a range. I'm glad they did it. I wouldn't have had the guts to try building a range.

It's not the cheapest venue and open carry from the parking lot is prohibited.

Once the staff knows you, sees that you practice safe weapons-handling in the lanes, the initial impression of a draconian regime wears away.

I've seen the staff warn people, reminding shooters about muzzle control (don't sweep the lane next to you). The worst I've seen was when some guest of a member was busting caps down the lane not looking at the target but making eye contact with - talking to - another shooter while continuing to fire. They warned him. He stopped. I probably would have banned him if it were my business, but that's me.

I like everyone I've met on staff. I've enjoyed being in the lanes with experienced shooters and newbies. People are friendly, are quick to offer guidance if you ask and stay out of your face if it's obvious you're focused on the primary purpose of the facility.

Shooting Sports North West is not going to have universal appeal, but I'm a very satisfied member.