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01-08-2009, 17:01
Not trying to sound inconsiderate to GT or anything I plan on becoming paying member but are there any certain perks to a paid tier member? I was looking into CLM membership I remember seeing something about a limited number of lifetime membership incenses that would be available how many are still to be had.


Mrs. VR
01-15-2009, 22:30
Hi. The CLM's are wrapping up. Here is a post Eric made about the tiers:

I haven't put up any info on that because the final details are not all in place yet. Each level of membership has access to the same basic things now, but each levels gets progressively more of each function. You get more PM space, you can PM more people at the same time, you get more space in the photo gallery and blog areas. Before Christmas, we will begin offering 'your-name-at' email service, with a nice web interface. The successive membership levels will get more email space.

Right now, the classified ads area is just a forum. Soon, it will become an actual classified ads area and when it does, limits will be placed on the number of items people can list. Free members will always be able to list a few items a month and each successive membership level will be able to list more items.There will also be a number of up-sell features, like gallery listings, bold listings, etc, that paid members will have access to. Mostly though, you get the satisfaction of helping me keep this nuthouse running. The site could use the help, folks.

01-16-2009, 20:33
just sent paypal for CLM I forgot my username though sorry.