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01-08-2009, 20:18
So, there's a new Governor in town (or will be shortly). Said Governor was endorsed by the NRA over her opponent...which IMO could only have helped her victory.

So, seems as good a time as ANY for us Tarheels to start writing our State-level reps, as well as Governor-elect Perdue, and express our dissatisfaction with NC gun laws.

I think that the "biggie" needs to be that the "No CCW during states of emergency" MUST BE removed from the books! You think "state of emergency," and you think Katrina, or the LA riots, right? Precisely the time when people need to defend themselves the most! But forget you realize that CCW has been prohibited in areas of NC ever since the DROUGHT caused the current Governor to declare a "state of Emergency????!" :what::what::what: A drought, for pete's sake!

We NC gun owners have messed around far too's time for a concentrated effort to improve our pathetic gun laws! Go to the Post Office and get some pre-stamped plain postcards and write your reps, and call too! Contact info ought to be at:

Some points *I* found helpful during my first e-contact with the Governor-elect:

-reminding her of her NRA endorsement, and how that helped her win

-Stating that as an NRA member (if you are) that you expect to see her EARN the endorsement by pushing the GA to overhaul our gun laws and get rid of the overly-restrictive and plain nonsensical ones

-Pointing out that as NC RKBA enthusiasts....when communicating with other RKBA enthusiasts elsewhere that are considering a move to NC (more taxpayers for the state, no?) - we CANNOT wholeheartedly recommend NC due to the undue restrictions placed on the 2A in the State

01-08-2009, 20:31
We can also push for carry in places that serve alcohol. Possibly like other states with a 51% not from booze sales requirement, so we can carry in restaurants.

01-08-2009, 20:34
I moved from there not too long ago, I would focus on removing the law that says you have to go down to the local PD to get a background check before you go the gunstore to get a background check. Purchasing a gun in that state is BULLSHI ! Way too many fn Dems in that state.

01-08-2009, 20:47
Big +1 on stripping the "no carry in places that serve alcohol" or at least going on the 51% standard. After all...if carrying WE CAN'T DRINK ANYWAY!

(And some of us are tea-totallers anyhow. ;) )

And nothin' like being burdened with a Jim Crow-era law of having to live up to the sheriff's scrutiny of "good moral character" to exercise your 2A rights...:upeyes:

Also - no carry at funerals or parades/public gatherings and any place that charges admission...! We got a LOT of work to do...

01-13-2009, 11:53
i would be more concerned about getting The Castle Doctrine made into law in this state. Screw the family of the criminal. Little Leeroy was not going to "grow up" and become a prominent member of society. i owe you no damages.

01-13-2009, 20:12
Castle Doctrine, 51%, State of Emergency, Public Gatherings/admission - Check.

Letter in the works.

01-13-2009, 21:29
Castle Doctrine, 51%, State of Emergency, Public Gatherings/admission - Check.

Letter in the works.

These are the same issues I care about. I will be more then happy to write/send letter. Can someone please inform me exactly where to send these letters? Thanks!

Short Bus
01-14-2009, 00:04
These are the same issues I care about. I will be more then happy to write/send letter. Can someone please inform me exactly where to send these letters? Thanks!

You can find out here. On the right side, it has a place that you can type in your zip code. It will then tell you who covers your area. Then they will have contact info listed. Its that simple.

01-14-2009, 19:33
Contact info for the Governor:

Governor Bev Perdue
Office of the Governor
20301 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-0301
Phone: (919)733-4240
Fax: (919)733-2120

And again for your State Senator & Rep:


01-15-2009, 06:21
+1 on the 51% rule. I walked into a restaurant last night thinking that they didn't serve alcohol. when i got inside i realized that they did and had to walk back out to the car to secure my pistol.

I wouldn't ever argue with the fact that you can't take your pistol somewhere like a bar that serves tons of alcohol. no need to put a firearm in to the mix there.

but dinner at a relaxed little restaurant? come on.

what a stupid law.

01-17-2009, 16:27
Sent my first "postcard-letter" this week. Man, unless you have some tiny writing, you have no CHOICE but to keep it brief and to-the-point! ;)

Keep us updated of any replies y'all get back too!

01-20-2009, 21:16
I have a question about the state of emergency law. If a SOE is declared, I know CCW is illegal, what about OC? I dont mind OCing, but dont want to if its going to cause more problems.

02-21-2009, 18:29
Good question, I'd imagine probably it's probably NOT legal, but IANAL....

Hm, no responses on anything yet, 'cept for some emails to Richard Burr (who voted AGAINST Eric Holder for AG, btw). Getting ready to send one to Kay Hagan pointing out that since she and the Dems blew a BOATLOAD of political capital on the hugely unpopular "porkulus" bill, they'd better lay off the gun control for the sake of their careers!

Short Bus
02-21-2009, 22:41
I have been sending stuff for the past several weeks. Check out Senate bill 235. It talks about getting rid of the alcohol part of the law. That way we can atleast go to Outback and eat a dinner with your family.

02-22-2009, 06:25
Doesn't the ABC permits require that restaurants make at least 51% of all income must be from food to even be allowed an ABC permit to sell and serve alcohol?

In a state of Emergency is when we the citizen may need our CCW the most.