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08-22-2002, 21:10
My folks live outside of greensboro, nc a place not know for big cats. When they first moved out there my father noticed some big paw prints by the pond. He thought it was a small bear, to me it looked like a big cat. Not long after their house was built I ran across a tree that was shredded navel high. I'm 6'1". Months later we spotted a bobcat in their backyard (along with foxes and deer). I put the shredded tree and big tracks off as bobcat spoor. The bobcat seemed to disappear after a while and I guessed it left it's range due to some construction in the area. Well, last month we noticed big tracks again. About 4 inches across I guess. i'm a pretty good tracker and these are definitely cat tracks I've just never seen any so big. Here it is, two weeks or so ago a night watchman at a nearby plant saw a cougar on the grounds. My pop finally called the sherrif who was supposed to send someone out to make a cast of the tracks. North Carolina is in a terrible drought and I'm guessing this will be driving some animals into range they don't normally occupy. Pop wants me to kill it. He has a jack russell he does not want to see become cat food. I could probably bait it and pop it with the .06 and bury the remains and no one would know. On the other hand I could call Game and Fish and see if they'll remove it. Either way the cat has to go. Has anyone dealt with a big cat like this? One thing I know I don't want is a wounded cougar running around. I'm going to check the laws on this but truly I've never shot at anything that could run me down and eat me.

08-22-2002, 21:25
While they are known to search out food and have been known to attack people on occasion, my advice would be leave it alone. Best if you have to do anything, call the Fish and Game people.
I am a hunter so this is not coming from a liberal save everything, but we don't need to kill everything. Learn to live with it and enjoy it.
We're going through the same ideas here in NJ about the Black Bear. We finally have a decent number in the state again (we almost eliminated them years ago) and now everyone wants to hunt and kill them. Doesn't make sense.

08-22-2002, 21:29
I would much rather shoot it with a camera not a rifle. I do worry about the dog. Pop just wants to shoot anything that sets foot on his property, turkeys, buzzards, foxes, june bugs. Kind of funny he told me to go after the big cat.;P

08-22-2002, 21:38
It's simple. Your Dad could do it. Just have him rub his face with raw liver and sit out back in the pale moonlight. Tell him he will enjoy it mmuch more than you would. And he'll have a great story to tell.

Seriously, call Fish and Game and see what they recommend. Or pray for rain and cooler weather. Call Fish & Game.

08-23-2002, 10:37
if hunting mtn lion isn't legal in your state/area don't shoot it unless you have to. game and fish can take care of it if it is a problem. they will either try to trap it or they have exterminators.

08-23-2002, 14:58
I knew I wasn't crazy. Hopefully kitty will be in a new home soon.

08-23-2002, 15:39
Don't kill it. If the autorities don't/won't trap it live for release elsewhere, I'd imagine you could get some animal group to do it.

fajizzle nizzle
08-25-2002, 00:09
East coast people are funny...getting all worked up over a cougar. Ha.

08-25-2002, 12:35
West coast people are funny...getting all eaten up by a cougar. Ha!

stormy brahm
08-25-2002, 15:27
well i read your news where they are searching for it.ok here my2 cents worth, i live in new mexico where they are thick as ticks,keep your pets in side as much as possible and when u have to let the dog out watch it have the .06 handy.I just killed one about 4 months ago out here at my ranch its killed 3 calf's in 1 month when they get moved out of there natural habit they get really yancy,more aggressive and bolder especially when they are hungry and need a drink they will eat pets.looks like the authority's are trying to trap it, but stay on guard. They are very agressive.Here we kill them every chance we get they are way over pouplated and are killing all our deer. They kill one deer a week per lion and what ever elese they find that they feel is easy pray. Buy the way they make really nice rugs ;f

08-30-2002, 00:28
No word if the kitty has been caught yet. I'm wondering just how long this kitty has been around. Over the past few years I've found 2 deer carcasses within throwing distance of the pond. Both were too far gone to make any conclusions. I assumed they had been either hit or shot and went to the nearest watering hole. Now I'm wondering if maybe a big kitty likes to sit by the watering hole and ambush deer. That's maybe stretching things. I used to hunt the area but I stopped several years ago when the deer went tame. They won't even run when we watch them eating persimmons or watering.

09-01-2002, 16:11
The attached pic is the remains of an elk that was dragged about 12 feet up a tree. Don't mess with the cat if your afraid of heights!;f

09-01-2002, 16:23
Outlined pic of elk skeleton.

09-01-2002, 18:07
spentshell, that's amazing!!

09-01-2002, 22:27
Spentshell, that's pretty cool. I have a deer in a tree about 8 feet up 150 yards from my house. I have a big cat near by I don't mind he was here before I was. I've seen it on my morning runs in the woods. Needless to say when I saw it I stoped running for a few minutes. ST

stormy brahm
09-05-2002, 00:21
had to be a big cat would to have love to get a look at that lion.

09-05-2002, 06:08
This is a good reason why Big Cats need to be managed. Cats are just plainly more dangerous than any bears you will ever encounter. This picture is of a momma and her cubs.

stormy brahm
09-05-2002, 15:55
It is a fact that one lion will kill a deer a week, that's 52 deer a year.