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01-19-2009, 23:05
(First of all - sorry there are no spaces in my posts, I don't know what's wrong...)Just back in November 08. Unfortunately I shot him just before dark, and once it started getting dark it got dark very fast and was too hard to find him in the thick bush. He ran probably 150 yards into the bush, and there was no snow until the next morning when we came to find him. Interesting - 4+ years ago there was always 3+ feet of snow that same time of year. This year we were pretty much fine wearing hoodies. So we didn't take the meat since it had been sitting. It sucks, but at least I save some money and feed the ravens and 'yotes and such.I was just laying out in the feild, where I took the pictures of the gun and through the scope, below, and I realized I hadn't looked behind me for a while, so I checked and there he was a good 150 yards away. It was starting to get dark so I didn't even know it was a buck until I got him in my scope, then once I saw the antlers I shot more quickly than I probably should have, lol, but I was laying with a bipod so was completely still, and so saw no reason to wait. XDI'm thinking he was probably further than I thought, just such a big deer it looked like he was closer. The bullet hit where I aimed, but that was right in the center hight-wise because my concern among the adrenaline was just getting him, not being picky about aiming lower for the heart. So it was a lung shot.He's bigger than my dad's 10 pointer he has mounted so I'm pretty stoked about that. XD. I'm 190 lb's to give you an idea regarding size. His neck is the size of some deer's bodies. That's what I love about the bucks here, there not skinny little tirds with antlers bigger than they deserve. :P

01-19-2009, 23:06
-------------------------------------The gun is a Winchester Model 70, .270 Win. shooting some very hot 130 grain Hornady SSTs. A good 3200FPS I believe. I shot a doe for my dad's friend earier that day, got a neck shot, and nearly took it's head of. I think I'll choose a less explosive bullet next year. The scope is a brand new Bushnell Elite 3200. (3-9x50mm IIRC)

01-20-2009, 18:10
Nice job, Nice rack and Nice rifle ;)

To get this straight he ran over 150yards ? Where did you hit him at? High and tight?

01-20-2009, 23:58
He ran 150 yards through the thick bush, but first about 100 yards through the field. Farthest runner I've ever had. I got him right behind the leg where, horizontally, it woud be a perfect heart shot, but hit an inch or two above the center of the body height-wise. And these are the Hornady SSTs at about 3200FPS that blow up way too much. There was a hole in the other side where some lead came out, but I'm sure most of it was inside. Oh, In fact the bloody hole you see in the pictures is the exit.And thanks.
He's built like a cow, I just can't wait until the mount is finished and I hope it looks good. Notice how his neck his thick front to back? I hope it looks like that and not with the sides puffed up like some I've seen.