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08-26-2002, 19:49
I'm heading up that way Nov. 17th for the firearms season & wondering if anyone has had any tips or suggestions for hunting on the Pigeon Wildlife Management area. How cold does it get? Should I expect snow? Is the area brushy or open ? Will the trees be bare? I've read the regulations just unsure about what would be the best method to hunt. Stillhunt as I scout for sign? What about going down the creeks in a canoe or raft to a secluded area? Appreciate any information!! ;Q

08-27-2002, 00:17
Originally posted by allhowl
I'm heading up that way Nov. 17th for the firearms season & wondering if anyone has had any tips or suggestions for hunting on the Pigeon Wildlife Management area. Appreciate any information!! ;Q

Here is some info from Indiana Wildlife folks:

Pigeon River Fish and Wildlife Area
Near Mongo. Hunting for furbearers, rabbit, squirrel, deer, dove, turkey, pheasant, snipe, woodcock. Put-and-take pheasant hunting (fee is charged). Duck hunting from water sites and jump shooting. Goose hunting from designated areas. Night hunting for raccoon and fox.
Acreage: 11,600
Camping: Yes
Shooting range: Yes
Mandatory check-in: Yes
Managed by: DNR (Division of Fish and Wildlife)
Contact: (260) 367-2164

I would call or email them for more complete details. Their website is: Indiana Fish & Wildlife (


08-27-2002, 06:56
Thanks Swede I did that last week & they were kind enough to send me the regulations and maps. Not ever seen the property I am anxious to learn about it as much as possible from those who have & may be able to give me some tips. I imagine that there is lots or pressure the 1st few day which may cause the deer to move towards thicker cover to avoid detection. Is wool or polar fleece the usual wear or is the vegetation weedy where carhart pants would be better. Sorry for all the questions. Thanks!

08-27-2002, 07:12
Well, I live in Florida now, but grew up in Fort Wayne. Did a lot of hunting too. Will it be cold? There could be snow on the ground, or it could only be 50 degrees. That time of the year it is hard to tell. I'd stick with Carharts in the woods. Trees should be cleared of leaves and crops should be harvested. Plan on hunting all day. The pressure keeps the deer moving constantly. A lot of people get the big bucks during mid-day.

09-01-2002, 13:01
The deer are pretty crafty there.

09-08-2002, 06:34
Good Morning ....First time I have really browsed this section....I had up till 5 years ago hunted most of the area that you are looking at...Gun season with a pistol and Primitive with a Black powder pistol as well. Usually the season for the last 5 years has been fairly tame 30-55 degrees but can get down to 17 degrees when you least expect it. The second season (primitive) can be a shocker it was 11 degrees with a wind chill of minus 58 degrees.Mongo as we call it up here usually has a draw openning day depending on how many people show up...some people may not get to participate.What usually happens at Mongo due to the pressure, most deer go to the swamp area until hunters on foot finally drive them out.If you are looking for large racks this IS NOT the place ....I would suggest to try one of our Fish and Widlife areas a little farther south and West...The deer herd that shows great promise is located between Rochester Indiana ( US 31/ State Road 14 due west to Jasper Pulaski Fish and Widlife between is Winimac which is also another Fish and WildLife area....that is where I would suggest to start and finish.Whatever you do have fun and Goodluck;f

09-08-2002, 12:34
Festus, Thanks for the advice. I am from Okla. so big bucks & lots of deer to hunt would be a great change. (I once took a 15 pointer on privae land here but most all my hunting is on public land.) Anyway in regards to the Mongo area I saw a map with lots of swampy areas. I've never hunted a swamp before. What were the techniques you used? Is it difficult to stillhunt through this area? What kind of visibility do you have- is the country mostly open woods or thick woods? woodsoo. Is the area you hunted in the Pigion area over run with deer & hunters or just one not the other? What are the hunting conditions of the Jasper Pulaski Fish and Widlife Area & the Winimac?
I thought since the Mongo area had so many acres it might be the best hunting area. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate the time you've taken. Alan:)

09-08-2002, 18:15
ALLHOWL...I recently had a hipped replaced and probably should have had it done over 10 years ago( too much competitive sports)..anyway I gave up on the tree stand situation and opted for positioning myself within 75 yards or less. The area in mongo is usually one of three things...corn, thick brush, or swamp....the big boys usually run for cover at the first shot and go deep into the muck.... Mongo can be fun to hunt if you use the other hunters to your benefit....I can remember no less than 3 times when everyone was heading to the parking lot I would see the big boys sneaking,(crawling)behind them as they all traded stories. Personally Mongo would be a choice for the second season when the swamp actually froze and you could walk an hour deep into the woods...Just about anything has taken deer there...rifles are not allowed, but pistol cartridges that measure 1.250 in length( without the bullet usually qualify....20 gauge shotguns and up....and any blackpowder weapon .45 cal and larger..I would suggest if you can use open sights with a fiber optic and chose to hunt in the afternoon that would be your best bet....most shots in Indiana will be around 65 yards ...and yes my last Buck was a running shot away from me at 55 yards with Colt Anaconda with night sights...I normally do not take this type of shot but this Big Boy was something I had followed for three years...Winimac will give you a herd that is on the growth and should be hunted about the same...well I have been too lengthy...but as you can see I miss the chase...I am contemplating it again though ;f

09-08-2002, 20:23
Thanks again Festus. I can see why you've had to slow down & where you got your user name. So if I hunt around the swamps in Mongo at the first season, I guess I'll need hipboots right? I saw several creeks that run off the Pigeon river & thought maybe I could get in a raft & float to some back area away from the roads. If the deer weren't there already maybe the other hunters would move em to me. Hope you don't mind all the questions but I need all the help I can to have a better chance. Do you think the north side of the river is any better than the south side? Why or why not? Which direction does the wind normallly blow from? Is there any specific area you would recommend or warn me to avoid? Thanks again!! :)

09-09-2002, 18:03
The wind comes from the North and your best bet would be Rocky Mountain corn stalkers with high uppers... the swamp itself can yield some very mucky areas...if you want to take hip waders and see what happens that would probably assist you. What the corn stalkers can't get you through neither will the hip boots....but depending how wet things get (right now its' real dry)...92 degrees could always just bring them along....I would suggest that you give them a call and ask for a map if you do not have one...the area code may have changed 219-367-2164. I used to have all the maps and used to keep a ledger it seems that the area that I tried to concentrate on was A and B...I beleve B was right in the same area of the check in station and I would see the Big Boys heading toward thickets laced with swamp and muck. I have seen other hunters that have used canoes but what usually would happen to the canoeists is that they would also see other hunters already there....your best bet 1) swamp with thickets that is bordered by private property that has no hunting pressure....again its' been 5 years and memory fails me but the northern areas seemed to produce more. Now to answer your question of which side of the river....that will be a tough one...I would suggest trying to get there a couple days earlier...they have camping available at Mongo( primitive) and there is a canoe rental facility in town.Mongo is small less than 2000 residents but was feeding early morning hunters( again that was 5 years ago)...again Goodluck and ask all the questions you have... ;f

09-09-2002, 21:28
Hey Festus, I do have some maps they sent of the area & I also looked at some topographic maps. I can't believe there are so many swamps. Getting there early to check out the area is good advice & I appreciate the tips on the Rocky boots. I needed a good excuse to get some new boots. What about other clothing- would fleece stick to the brush too much or should I wear carharts? I'll be taking my inline .50 muzzleloader with a burris scope as these eyes don't see like they used to and my accuracy with my Ruger .44 Mag isn't as good as it needs to be. I also plan on taking enough extra clothing & gear to stay comfortable hunting the entire day without havng to go back to the SUV. If you have any other tips or suggestions feel free to email me at Thanks again.:)

09-10-2002, 05:19
You can actually carry both the Ruger .44 as well as the muzzleloader as long as it is exposed( not concealed) unless the laws have been changed which I do not think has happened....I would wear Fleece versus the Carharts....alot more quieter...I would definetly just do not know what you will be dealt with as far as the weather. Stickers are usually not a problem on the clothing....I hope that you have a good (small set of binoculars)that you can bring so when you addressing head dress your movements are minimal.Hunter orange is mandatory...I would put an orange stocking cap over my camo and also carried an orange vest that provided all my products a place to be confined. I would carry via strap a comfortable foldable chair that had a back....assembly would take 2 minutes or less....I would hunt THE WHOLE DAY out in the not go in for lunch...when everyone else decides to take a break....thats when the BIG BOYS start heading your way.Good Luck and have fun;f