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01-21-2009, 14:26
I looked at the sticky at the top but most of the posts are a few years old. I live in Fairfax county anyone Close?
Here is a link to my problem.http://glocktalk.com/forums/showthread.php?p=12121235&posted=1#post12121235

01-21-2009, 17:31
Tomorrow go to Va Arms in Manassas, they have Glock cert armorers. If they dont have a trigger bar system (#2303) in stock i have one but will need you to pay for replacement. If not in a hurry there are several on line Glock Parts sellers. Email me if you run into trouble. I can also spend a few min with you in tear down, I am out in Front Royal but come into Fairfax area sometimes.

01-21-2009, 18:59
1*45 Thank you for the offer and the advice. I'm not in a hurry i'm just impatient and bothered that's its a new frame and having issues with it :steamed:

Like I said I'm impatient, so I went to youtube watched a few videos and have detailed stripped it twice once to check for something wrong and the 2nd to try to fix it and fixed it I did :supergrin:
I took a razor blade and lightly trimmed any high spots down and now it seems to be ok, i have only dry fired it and will try to get to the range soon. Thanks again


01-21-2009, 19:50
+1 for VA Arms, and glad to hear that 1*45 is another local one. I did buy a trigger spring from BRA to fix the one that I snapped.

If you get a chance, the GSSF match in Waldorf (May timeframe) will host a staff Glock Armorer and he replaced a couple of items on my g19. This is a free service and if there are any factory updates, he can do them there, assuming that its not something like a cracked frame. Some problems may have to be sent into the factory.

01-21-2009, 23:56
I'll be in Fairfax one night next week if you would still like someone to look at it.


01-22-2009, 20:17
I'll be in Fairfax one night next week if you would still like someone to look at it.

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Thank you for the offer but I think its ok I will be going to the range in the next few days just to make sure.
I am thinking about buying a smooth trigger and installing it after realizing I can do it myself. I plan on going to the Gssf match in May and will have it looked at unless something happens before then.

Thanks again