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01-22-2009, 21:31
First, does anyone in NC posses either? How did you get yours?

Would anyone be interested in having a person come and 'train' us for Utah and Florida non-resident permits?
This would give you reciprocity in 35 states.

The cost would be per person:
$150 for the course
$117 for Florida (good for 5 years)
$62.25 for Utah (good for 5 years)
$10 for fingerprint cards at Sheriff's office
$?? for drivers liscence photo
Total: $339.25

If enough of us get in on this, then the price can go down.

If you are interested please PM me so I can start a list. We would need 15+ people to make this happen. This would take place in about 2 months, or sooner if we get enough people fast enough.
This would take place in Raleigh, NC.

01-22-2009, 21:58
I thought about getting one for Florida, but I really don't need it. NC has great reciprocity, even if it has dumb gun laws.


30 states is good enough for me, for me, its not worth the money for the states I'll probably never travel too.

However, good luck getting this going! Sounds like a good thing to do for people that will use it.

01-22-2009, 22:12
I'll be doing a 7000 mile loop of the US in June and will need a couple more states. I really only need Utah or Florida though, not both.