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01-28-2009, 17:47
I've read that in 2005 the Army no longer allows stateside service members with dependents to live in the barracks while collecting BHA for their family that might be staying at home in another state.
But I was told by a someone in the service that was not the case.

Can someone who is currently serving in the Army shed some light on this?


The Maggy
01-29-2009, 00:36
It depends on your unit. Back in 2004 after OIF1 and then again in 2006-2007 my unit let "geographic bachelors" live in the barracks.

Theres apparently been an increase in privates coming in because of the bad economy so they are only letting single E-4's and below live in the barracks. No exceptions, if the Army pays you BAH you live off post or in on post housing but then you pull partial BAH. They wouldn't even cut a deal to the guys with a month or two left after the deployment.

Right now the housing lists are long, my units barracks are very near 100% and we are getting a few hundered guys next month.

forgot to add that the post you are on also plays part in this, an example being Ft. Irwin, due to its location everyone in on post housing draws full BAH due to Ft. Irwin being in the middle of nowhere.(unsure if the barracks guys get it too)

Training Junkie
02-13-2009, 22:31
it depends on your unit. we allow e5 and below to live in barracks as long as there is room. "geographical bachelors" have to move out if they get bah.

02-15-2009, 15:10
Thanks for all the good information.
One more question on this subject.
While I'm in AIT, how long before I graduate willl I be notified of my permanent duty station and how long may that unit allow me to find off base housing once I arrive? I assume it would depend on the base.

02-16-2009, 05:20
Not sure how far into AIT you find out your next unit. Depends on how long your AIT is, but you should find out at least a month in advance I'd think. As far as time to find housing you should ask for 10 day permissive TDY when you get there. This is like 10 day free leave to find house and get house hold good deliver and get all settled in. Other then that its up to the unit if you need and ask fir extra time. Go to the housing office on post and they will help set you up with realtors or on post housing.