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02-01-2009, 15:04
Written for fellow Glock Fans:

With all the crime there is today
A shame I must admit
I took the time to get myself
A Conceal Carry Permit.

Dilemma soon encompassed me
With haste I did not tarry
My quest began, with zeal I sought
A handgun for to carry.

As thoughts turned toward a wheelgun
My fathers favorite pick
A good choice for a pocket piece
Oh That Airweight +P Kick.

Perhaps I'd go with a Forty Five
In a 1911 frame
With stylish looks and rounds to spare
It's anything but tame.

Then I tried a full sized custom out
It blasted like a Mauser
But to carry this I'd surely need
Suspenders for my trousers.

I soon began to reason that
My need was not surreal
A 9 with plenty rounds on hand
And easy to conceal.

So once I made my mind up
On a caliber for my need
I shot a bunch while taking notes
As through them I did weed.

The Para, Sig's and Kel-Tecs to
Smith and Wesson's M&P
A Springfield XD, H&K
And a pricey EMP...

Just when I thought to change my choice
I met this gun store jock
With a raspy voice he said to me:
"Have you ever tried a Glock"?

Well I started with the 17
Yet larger than my wanting
The 19 closer to the mark,
Its capacity ever taunting.

And then I tried the 26
My search would go no further
The weight, size and ease of use
For me there was no other.

Yes I came to find the pick for me
It shot without objection
And thats the day I understood
The Phrase of "Glock Perfection"!

I thought this would be appropriate in this forum, I hope you can enjoy a little Rhyme with good Reason.

02-01-2009, 15:21
Very well done GlockRN!

This is perfection...