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08-30-2002, 20:02
Any suggestions to keep your ammo from making noise as you walk or stalk. I use a small Gerber knife holster which holds 5 rounds of 30-06 ammo. It works well & is covered and on my belt so its handy yet out of the way. i used to use rubber bands to hold them together in a pocket. What do you use?

DJ Niner
08-31-2002, 02:10
I use the belt slide ammo holders that come in boxes of Federal brand rifle ammunition. If you cut them (about) in half, you can get a 4-shot and a 5-shot ammo holder out of each 10-shot belt slide. Trim them down, cut off the remaining belt loop, round any sharp corners and you're done. Check in the trash barrel at your local outdoor range just before deer season, and you can pick up a hundred or so, free. You can also use them to quick-reload your bolt-action rifle by holding the rifle in your weak hand, action open, hand under the action; put the ammo holder (ammo rims UP) in between your fingers of the same hand that's holding the rifle; pluck the cartridges out one at a time and snap them into the mag; close bolt and you're done.

Credit to The Ultimate Sniper by Maj John Plaster. Good book.

08-31-2002, 07:48
I have an elastic-loop shell carrier with cover flap for my rifle stock and for my belt also...
Keep the rounds from clinking, dry, clean, and ready to use.
I cut the Velcro off of mine (for obvious reasons) and sewed a button or two on instead.

08-31-2002, 15:21
Those 10-round elastic-loop folding ammo wallets that go on your belt seem to work. Never tried one in the field, but I know guys around here that use them.

09-02-2002, 00:04
Why would anyone need more than one shell when hunting?;)

DJ Niner
09-02-2002, 01:36
Good one, vart. ;f

What if there's more than one critter? Sometimes, the hunter then becomes the hunted!!!

09-02-2002, 01:51
I have a Winchester model 70 XTR Featherweight in .257 Roberts that my dad gave me when I was 13. He and I sighted it in and he handed me two boxes of shells that he handloaded. One box was of 117 gr. for deer and antelope, and the other was 120 gr. for elk. I shot one round every year to test for accuracy, and one round for every animal I killed. I took one elk, an antelope, and a few deer up until I was 19 and joined the Navy. I still have those two boxes of shells, still half full or better, and didn't buy more ammo until `99 when I thought the impending Y2K situation might warrant a few extra boxes.
Of course now days, with me messing around with different scopes and such, I have to buy ammo every now and then. But, I still only hunt with what's in the gun and maybe a couple more shells stuck in the sling or in a pocket.

09-03-2002, 16:53
with a semi auto, I light load my mags to get rid of that annoying rattle.

09-03-2002, 18:52
I take only what can be stored in the gun when deer hunting. I used to take more, but I have never run out, and got tired of all the trouble the extra rounds caused. With Hogs and bears I will load up the rifle and also put a few rounds in my pockets, (one to a pocket so no clinking) I also carry a Sig p220 on the hip just in case (the 45 ammo is reassuring).

09-03-2002, 21:10
I hunt with a 30-06 and found that the old military 5-round stripper clips work very well. No rattles, and very simple. Once the gun is loaded, the little clip takes up little room in my pocket. I usually carry one loaded clip to use in the field and a second clip as backup.

09-04-2002, 16:41
I use the same as DJ Niner. Those plastic belt holders from Federal (I try to find the 8 round ones from the "value pack" ammo... 24 rounds, packed in three 8 round holders), as well as the black plastic shell holders from Remington. I hunt with a .45 Colt Blackhawk, and the .45 shells fit into a .308 or '06 shell holder perfectly. The Federal 8 round ones I leave as is, but I cut down the 10 rounders to hold just six. I usually carry two, one each in seperate pockets.

On occasion, I use a Remington 742 carbine in .308 for deer hunting (usually just when "standing" for drivers). I just carry along two or three spare loaded magazines... again in seperate pockets. The loaded mags don't rattle at all.

When I coyote hunt, I use a single shot .243, and I have one of those elastic shell holders that slips over the stock.

09-04-2002, 17:06
Originally posted by vart
Why would anyone need more than one shell when hunting?;)

Depends on your legal limit. When I head into the woods on opening morning, I've got six deer tags in my pocket, if I haven't used any during the earlier bow season. (That's why I hunt with a Blackhawk... it's a six-gun:)). I have had opportunities where they've been lined up perfectly enough to kill two with a single shot... but never six at once. Maybe I should just carry three shells... and try for a triple-double??? ;)

If you'll allow me, I'd like to alter your very reasonable shell estimate, to one shell per deer tag. ;)

09-04-2002, 18:47
Sounds reasonable to me;) . Must be wild being able to kill more than one deer per year. I haven't shot a deer in a couple of years since I tend to get so darn picky with my one tag.

09-04-2002, 20:38
Originally posted by vart
Sounds reasonable to me;) . Must be wild being able to kill more than one deer per year. I haven't shot a deer in a couple of years since I tend to get so darn picky with my one tag.

It's because we have way too many deer. A few years ago (the 2000 season, I think) Wisconsin set an all time United States record for a single season deer harvest. We took more than 600,000 deer using all weapons (gun, bow, muzzleloader), and our general firearms season is only 9 days long. We have what are called "T" zones. The T stands for "temporary" harvest zone. These are in areas the DNR research has shown an overabundance of deer. Every purchaser of a gun deer license, and every bow deer license, gets an extra free antlerless bonus tag. These free tags can be used in any "T" zone, and in any season. IOW, I can use the free bonus tag I get with my bow license during any season... bow, gun, or muzzleloader... or use my gun license bonus tag during bow season... whatever I choose. These free tags are "generic" kill tags. You can also buy more "bonus" tags for $12 each. You can buy as many as you want until they are all sold... but you can only buy 2 per day. Only ONE buck (an antler more than 3") can be taken per license (one per gun/muzzleloader, one per bow), and these are NOT "generic" like the bonus and free antlerless tags. You MUST use your gun license's buck tag with a gun, and bow buck tag with a bow. However, you CAN use your buck tag in another season, if you use it on a doe. I can kill as many deer as I want... $12 ea.

All licenses and bonus tags are sold "over the counter". Gun deer licenses CANNOT be purchased after the season opens. The only "draw" is for doe tags in non "T" zone areas. All rules apply to non residents as well as residents. Non resident gun deer licenses are $135. So are archery licenses $135 (a resident's license= $20 ea). These are for deer ONLY... not small game, that's a seperate license. Bonus deer tags are $20 ea for non residents.

The southern half of the State is pretty much private farmland, but the northern half (particularly the northern third) has lots of public and forest-crop land, open for public hunting. For example, in my county, more than 75% of the land is open to public hunting. That's good and bad... the bad is we get hammered pretty good up north by from-out-of-the-area hunters, on all this free access land. The good is... private land up here becomes "deer haven" after the first shots are fired, and if you've got access to this private land, you must watch out for the "stampede" of deer on opening morning. ;f

stormy brahm
09-04-2002, 22:02
MMMMMM, Ok here goes, I
think it would benifit you to spend a little more time at the range.I personaly dont carry any more shell's than my gun will hold .But a on stock elastic shell holder will hold about 5 more shell's.{Personally i dont want any more weight than I have to carry). I've been hunting for a long time I've never had to shoot more than twice to bring down my animal.Please remember you may be able to kill as many deer as you can but, you can only pack out a few at a time, dont wast the meat just becouse you can.
happy hunting,

09-06-2002, 21:30
Originally posted by stormy brahm
Please remember you may be able to kill as many deer as you can but, you can only pack out a few at a time, dont wast the meat just becouse you can.
happy hunting,

I agree with that. I've never shot a deer that I didn't drag out of the woods and eat... or gave to somebody else to eat. I can't eat more than about two per year. I give a third to my daughter and her kids to eat. They love it. Any more than three, and they get donated to the food pantry. Here in WI, we have a program funded by State money, where you can drop off any un-needed deer at a local meat processor, who processes the meat which is then distributed to food pantrys. The State pays the processor $50 per deer for his work. It's not uncommon for me to kill and drag 6 or more deer per season. NONE are wasted. There's usually snow on the ground during our gun season... sometimes even toward the end of our early bow season. I have a plastic sled designed for the particular purpose of dragging game from the woods. Even going uphill, dragging one deer at a time doesn't require much effort. And I'm 52 with a bad back... but I can still drag 'em a mile with that sled. If I get the chance to shoot six deer in one day, no big deal... I'll do it. I take a two week vacation around deer season, and I've got all week to drag them out. If there's still time left, I'll even buy more $12 tags, and shoot some more. For you guys out west, who are used to only getting one tag per year, this may seem "weird". But we have more deer here than you can "shake a stick at"... and they are considered a pest and a nuisance by most non hunters. You cannot grow a garden... unless you fence it with
an 8' high fence. And you cannot drive down our highways at night without dodging the deer in the roadway.

I firmly believe in one shot, one kill... then drag it home, and go back for another. Just being a good citizen, and doing my part to thin the over abundant deer herd. :) In over 30 years of deer hunting, I can honestly state that I've only taken shots at a deer and missed, on no more than 4 or 5 occasions. And those were, for the most part, with a bow and arrow when I was new to bow hunting. I can only remember one total miss with a gun, years ago. I pick my shots... I'm not a "spray & pray" type of hunter. ;)

There's another thing to consider, about the amount of ammo you carry. Depending on where you hunt, if you get injured in the woods while alone, and cannot walk... you may need some extra ammo for signaling purposes. I hunt in a 700,000 acre national forest, and cell phones are useless, as there's no cell sites that far from nearby towns. If I fall from a tree stand, or just trip over a log and break an ankle, that spare ammo may save my life if I'm a mile or more from my truck. I never go in the woods without at least three times the capacity of my firearm. I usually bring back all but one... but I believe in being prepared for the unknown. Guys who carry three shells into the woods... and brag about it cuz they're "such great shots" remind me of some of the locals around here who brag about how "small" their hunting knife is. It gets rediculous at times. I hear such dumb things as "I can gut a deer with this little two inch blade... it's sharp as a razor". Yep, so can I... if I liked doing things the hardest way possible. I carry a Buck fixed blade, a 5" bladed Pathfinder, that I've used since the 60's. It's much faster and much easier than one of those little boxcutter folding knives. To each their own.

09-14-2002, 14:52
I hunt with a Ruger M77 in 30-06. I used to have a Rem 7400 30-06 and I kept one of the mags for it. I just put my extra shells in the mag and put it in my pocket. No rattle, extra shells held securly. I've used this method for years. I like to stick with what works for me.

09-14-2002, 15:16
rfb45colt - you're not using enough gun! do as Quigley did, wait till they are lined up and get 2 or 3 with each shot! ;)