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Bilbo Bagins
02-09-2009, 11:49
I want to start teaching my daughter how to shoot handguns, and I was thinking of buying a S&W 317 with a 3" barrel. I want something that she can use now (she is only 10) and something nice so that I can pass it down to her when she is an adult.

The only thing I don't like is the goofy sights on the 317. I like something a little more sturdy, that will last 11 years from now and beyond. The S&W 617 are nice but seems real heavy.

Anyone have any suggestions?

02-10-2009, 08:56
Hello BB,

1. The handgun I like to train new shooters with best is the old Ruger Single Six. I then step em up to the Ruger Mk1 or Mk2. And then SD guns of their choice. One of the girls has a Taurus .44 Spc, the other a .38 Spc.
2. IMO, a training gun for a 10 yr old will not serve as a SD gun for when she turns 21. But you always need "training guns" - .22's that teach the fundamentals of marksmanship more economically than 9mm's or larger calibers. In fact the last pistol I purchased was a used Ruger Mk2, - don't like the slab sides and fluted barrel features that the Mk3 has now.

3. My creds-- 4 daughter from 21 to 15; they all shoot, some more than others. But before the get of the house, they need to know gun safety and how to operate and shoot firearms.